How to Choose an Altcoin Payment Processor

How to Choose the Ideal Altcoin Payment Processor for Your Business in 2024

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In February 2024, Bitcoin reached a milestone of $50,000 per BTC, a level not seen since 2021. As the price of the biggest crypto asset continues to soar, the entire industry is garnering heightened interest and attention. 

The topic of crypto payments is once again in the spotlight, and many businesses consider the inclusion of altcoins as part of their payment options.

So, if Bitcoin’s limitations have led you to seek stability, lower fees, and increased security, then identifying the best altcoin payment processor might be your next strategic move.

Key Takeaways

  1. Adopting a crypto payment solution can bring significant advantages to a business, such as enhanced transaction efficiency, improved cash flow and global market reach.
  2. When choosing an altcoin processor, take into account cost efficiency, customer support, token support, transaction speed and scalability.
  3. BitPay, CoinsPaid, B2BinPay and Coinbase Commerce are among the top altcoin processors for 2024 due to their wide range of supported cryptocurrencies and user-friendly features.

What Is an Altcoin Payment Processor?

An altcoin payment processor is essentially the bridge that connects your business to the vast expanse of cryptocurrency users. By integrating such a service, you enable your customers to pay for goods or services with cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin, leveraging the unique benefits each altcoin has to offer.

When customers pay through this service with their tokens, the processor exchanges these digital assets for your preferred currency automatically and automatically deposits them into your bank account, making handling capital easier for your company.

how altcoin payment gateways work

Also, this feature of crypto payment processors will add to a stable operation for your enterprise, as these solutions smartly mitigate the risk associated with the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, adopting an altcoin payment processor within your e-commerce platform can usher in significant advantages for your business:

  • Enhanced Transaction Efficiency: Business transactions become faster and less expensive, bypassing traditional banking bottlenecks.
  • Improved Cash Flow: You get immediate settlement in fiat currency, aiding in better financial planning.
  • Global Market Reach: You can accept crypto payments internationally, tapping into a broader customer base.

As you look for an altcoin payment solution, you’ll find that these processors come with robust support for a variety of cryptocurrencies, some catering to up to 50 different altcoins. Moreover, they can handle transactions in several fiat currencies as well.

Highly regarded altcoin payment processors not only ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and risk mitigation but also hold multiple licences and regulatory approvals.

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Altcoin Processor

When embarking on the selection of the best cryptocurrency payment gateway, the factors that influence your choice are as multifaceted as the cryptocurrencies themselves. 

what to Consider When Choosing an Altcoin Processor

Here are some key factors you should take into account:


Security is a most important consideration – your altcoins payment provider should ensure the protection of your business’s funds and the confidentiality of customer data. 

Opt for a processor that stands out for its robust security practices, including multi-level authentication, encryption, and consistent security audits, safeguarding against the ever-evolving threats in the digital realm.

User Interface and Integration

The payment solution must boast an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which simplifies not just the transaction process for users but also the setup and day-to-day operations for your team. 

Look for an altcoin payment processor with easy-to-use APIs and plugins that integrate effortlessly with your e-commerce and Bitcoin platform.

Cost Efficiency

Another vital consideration is the cost structure. Different payment gateways may vary significantly in their fee models – some may charge a per-transaction fee, while others opt for a monthly subscription. For example, B2BinPay charges around a 0.4-0.5% fee per incoming transaction.

Customer Support

The importance of customer support cannot be overstated. Should complications arise, having access to a responsive customer service team across multiple channels (phone, email, live chat) becomes invaluable. This support is the lifeline that can help maintain operational continuity and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, you should pay attention to:

Token Support

An adaptable altcoin payment processor should not only support popular options like BTC and ETH but also a range of other cryptocurrencies, enriching your business flexibility to accommodate varied customer preferences.

Transaction Speed and Settlements

Business efficacy hinges on cash flow. A processor that guarantees instant settlements and converts altcoin payments into local currency speedily will empower your cash flow management.


As your business grows, so do your transaction volumes. Pick a processor that scales seamlessly with your growing needs, avoiding any future disruptions to your operations.

Lastly, it is better to understand what types of transactions your processor supports:

  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P): P2P transactions are a popular choice for individual users and small businesses due to their simplicity and low fees. With P2P, transactions occur directly between two parties without the involvement of intermediaries.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS): For businesses with a physical retail presence, POS transaction support is highly beneficial. This type of transaction enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments in-store through integration with existing retail hardware. This adds convenience for customers and streamlines the retailer’s operations with features such as QR code scanning and inventory tracking.
  • Business-to-Business (B2B): These transactions cater to the needs of larger organisations that deal with multiple partners and complex financial operations. They may involve bulk payments, contract-based transactions, or specialised invoicing.
types of transactions

Selecting the best crypto payment gateway is not a decision to be made lightly. Your choice should align closely with both your current demands and future growth projections. 

Top Altcoin Payment Processors for 2024

As of 2024, the digital currency landscape is shaped by pioneering altcoins such as Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), and Avalanche (AVAX). As you develop your e-commerce strategy, selecting a top altcoin payment processor that accords with these and other assets could be a transformative decision for your company.

Let’s take a closer look at the top crypto payment gateways and how they could shape your business in 2024:

best altcoin payment processors
  • BitPay:  With a global reach of 229 countries and territories, BitPay is a great payment processor for businesses seeking to tap into the growing digital currency market. It offers support for over 16 significant cryptocurrencies and provides a bridge between traditional financial systems and the emerging crypto ecosystem.
  • CoinsPaid: One of the benefits of CoinsPaid is its ability to process payments in large volumes at a low fee of 0.8%. The gateway supports over 20 digital assets and conversion to over 40 national currencies.
  • B2BinPay: With a high degree of automation and fast transaction speeds, B2BinPay is ideal for businesses seeking to maximise the benefits of using altcoins as a payment method. The solution supports 53 distinct coins, stablecoins, and tokens, providing merchants with a wide range of options to accept payments from customers.
  • Coinbase Commerce: A highly reputable service for merchants looking to expand their payment options. Its support for over 10 popular cryptocurrencies gives merchants access to a diverse customer base, and its training API makes integration a breeze. Coinbase Commerce’s tools also provide merchants with in-depth insights into their finances, streamlining accounting and reconciliation processes.


How secure are altcoin payment processors?

Security is a top priority for companies looking for payment processing services, so these providers employ multiple layers of protection to safeguard transactions and user data. These may include encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits.

What is the API for accepting crypto payments?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols and tools that enable communication between different software systems. Its purpose is to integrate the solution with an e-commerce business, making the cryptocurrency payment process efficient. APIs may also provide additional features such as data analytics and reporting.

How do I set up a crypto payment system?

To set up a crypto payment system, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Choose a reputable processor that meets your needs and integrates well with your e-commerce platform.

2. Create an account with the chosen crypto payment provider and complete the necessary verification procedures.

3. Generate an API key or plugin for integration with your website or app.

4. Customise the payment experience to align with your brand and customer preferences.

5. Configure the processor’s settings to align with your business requirements, such as transaction fees and supported cryptocurrencies.

6. Test the system by making a payment using cryptocurrency.

7. Monitor transactions and adjust settings as needed for optimal performance.

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