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Smart Tokens Collection (STC) system

STC is used to decrease the processing fee drastically. On average about 50% can be saved which makes this an outstanding approach.

First Wallet creation/activation of ETH, XRP, XLM & BNB is Free of Charge (included in set up fee)!

The Activation Fee for each new wallet on the list will be:

BNB (Binance Chain)0.1 BNB

Coins, StableCoins & Liquid Tokens Processing Fee

Active Commission Ladder makes our services even more profitable. The higher the volume, the more you save! Active ladder is comprised of tiers which are calculated by volume per calendar month.

Commission for the first million will be calculated at 0.4% according to the first tier. Once the transaction volume exceeds 1 million but less than 2 million (second tier), the processing commission decreases to 0.25% and so on, as per the ladder. Transactions volume is calculated in USD at the moment of each transaction confirmation by the blockchain.

Illiquid Tokens(Custom tokens) Processing Fee:

Available Cryptocurrencies




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