Why is it important to accept as many cryptocurrencies as possible?

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Crypto payments open new horizons for merchants, enabling them to attract millions of new clients globally. On the other hand, the vast majority of business owners think that the Bitcoin payment gateway API is entirely enough to reach success. What are the main reasons for business owners to accept as many digital assets as possible?

Cryptocurrencies are more available for private investors

As of today, the number of blockchain wallets is more than 75 million, and their amount steadily skyrockets. Cryptocurrencies are not something mysterious and unknown anymore. Private investors access tons of information, articles, webinars, and other sources where they may understand the notion and key purposes of diverse assets.

Several years ago the vast majority of holders understood Bitcoin as a synonym of the crypto market in general. The crypto popularity was mainly based on the popularity of the first digital currency. In February 2017 the Bitcoin dominance was 86.0%, and other digital assets had been attracting almost no attention from newcomers.

At the moment of writing the Bitcoin dominance has dropped to 46.71%, while in media competitive digital assets gain popularity as well. For instance, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, and XRP are exceptionally close to Bitcoin according to the number of tweets.

As such, the vast majority of crypto holders keep a wide range of assets in their wallets.

The more cryptocurrencies – the more investment goals

Bitcoin was created to replace traditional fiat currencies, and the first digital asset is now accepted by more than 91% of crypto-friendly companies. This is why business owners understood BTC as the must-have option for a crypto payment API. Meanwhile, holders have diverse goals while talking about their crypto funds.

For instance, Bitcoin and Ethereum are understood as perfect solutions for long-term investment. This said customers may use Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, and other digital currencies for payments. When the market tendency changes, a merchant needs to connect a DASH payment API for instance. Furthermore, having a limited array of cryptocurrencies to accept, business owners may lose their clients.

Experts frequently draw a parallel between the markets of crypto and fiat currencies. The US Dollar and Euro are more demanded globally; meanwhile, crowds of merchants use other currencies as well. The same situation happens in the sector of crypto payments. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two doubtless leaders but nowadays many other digital assets are in demand as well.

What is the best payment gateway for merchants?

Once the sector of crypto payment has gained popularity, multiple companies are ready to offer gateways to connect progressive merchants and consumers. Business owners are frequently lost inside the array of solutions, having no idea what is the best one.

Despite the enormous set of offers, the answer is pretty clear. B2BinPay was recently awarded as the best crypto payment gateway, as the solution pushes your business forward, taking every smallest aspect into account.

What is B2BinPay for merchants who are ready to accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods?

  • More than 800 coins, stablecoins, and tokens to accept. This said you don’t need to connect the Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Ripple payment API, and other gateways. Business owners obtain an all-in-one solution.
  • A secured wallet where merchants may store, send and receive digital currencies. Get your crypto transformed into fiat currencies or make the first steps into crypto investment.
  • B2BinPay specialists integrate the solution for your business so that you could accept a wide range of digital assets easily.

The next level of the economic system is on the threshold, and cryptocurrencies are about to play a key role in this process. Don’t miss your chance to move to the upper league!

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