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The blockchain landscape has spread across the fields of finance, fintech, digital commerce and more, establishing a dominant global presence. Cryptocurrencies have become a viable alternative to fiat, providing a faster, cost-efficient and more secure way to transfer funds and automate digital agreements with smart contracts.

With blockchain technology making a massive comeback, investing in a crypto payment processing system has become a promising prospect for businesses across the globe. Out of the possible payment processing services, adopting Bitcoin payment options still remains the go-to option.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created through a blockchain network, launched in 2009. Bitcoin effectively became the founding member of the crypto landscape, offering a BTC coin that has proven its security, intrinsic value and reliability over the span of 15 years.

Bitcoin payments are still leading the crypto market by a wide margin, with over 15,000 businesses accepting Bitcoin payments and most crypto-friendly companies using BTC as their primary currency option. Bitcoin’s reputability and security are unchallenged, having existed more than any other currency and being a primary option on most of the crypto exchanges across the globe.

If you decide to accept payments in Bitcoin, you will receive all the blockchain-based benefits of security, affordability, and speed, combined with the industry’s most renowned currency. Bitcoin has continuously upgraded its security measures and network capabilities to maintain its dominance over the blockchain sector, establishing BTC payments as a no-brainer option.

Use Cases of Bitcoin Blockchain

Aside from Bitcoin’s reputation and leading status in the modern crypto scene, BTC has evolved with the demands of the cryptocurrency market. With its Taproot upgrade, Bitcoin showcased the ability to evolve its security measures and elevate network efficiency beyond expectations.

To further showcase the readiness to progress in line with the crypto landscape, Bitcoin has also introduced a smart contract functionality on its network and a variation on the NFT technology through Bitcoin ordinals. Through the latest improvements and sustained excellence, Bitcoin still remains a dominant option for following procedures:

Accepting Bitcoin Payments as a Business

The biggest attraction of BTC is still its unshakeable reputation, with most businesses, financial institutions and large investors trusting Bitcoin over any other cryptocurrency option. Due to that reason, clients across industries are more inclined to spend and receive BTC instead of other crypto solutions.

Moreover, Bitcoin supports a large ecosystem of wallets, payment processing solutions and other technologies to simplify the payment experience for all parties involved. Finally, it is easy to figure out how to accept Bitcoin payments on your website, allowing businesses to implement BTC without excessive technical roadblocks.

Large-Scale Investments

Bitcoin is still a prohibitive choice for large-scale investors who wish to purchase crypto assets for hold. Bitcoin offers a potent mix of value, upside, reliability and security for investors. Every time the crypto market experiences an upward trend, Bitcoin is always the primary currency to acquire, as it can grow tremendously without putting investors at significant volatility risks.

Bitcoin Ordinals

BTC has recently widened its array of use cases by introducing Bitcoin Ordinals, the smallest pieces of the BTC currency embedded with texts, images or other types of content. BTC ordinals can be used in a variety of ways, including information transfer, creating non-fungible tokens and other valuable pieces of content.

BTC ordinals Bitcoin users to create unique non-fungible tokens that can be bought, sold and exchanged on the global crypto market. While BTC ordinals aren’t as popular as conventional NFTs, they signify Bitcoin’s readiness to adopt new technologies and expand the network’s functionality.

How to Accept Bitcoin Payments With B2BinPay

B2BinPay lets you accept Bitcoin payments on the website or application managed by your business. The B2BinPay platform supplies clients with swift and efficient payment processing options across different industries, including crypto brokerage, exchange businesses and forex brokerages.

B2BinPay provides a seamless account setup, API integration and configuration options, allowing businesses to accept Bitcoin cash payments without extra hassle.

Account Setup

So, what is needed to accept Bitcoin payments on B2BinPay? Obtaining Bitcoin payment capabilities with B2BinPay is exceedingly simple. No prior experience or technical expertise is required to set up and implement digital and blockchain wallets.

The quick onboarding process will take you from zero to full account setup in a matter of minutes, letting you get acquainted with the user interface, platform’s options and functionalities.B2BinPay’s Merchant (digital) and Enterprise (blockchain) wallets allow you to seamlessly implement a Bitcoin payment processing API on your platform, giving you a direct mechanism to accept Bitcoin payments from your customers.

Navigating the platform unlocks a comprehensive view of your account’s capabilities. This includes reviewing your wallet status and managing your assets through features like transfers, deposits, and payouts. Additionally, you can set up special events to automate specific actions.

The platform lets you personalise your dashboard by configuring displayed columns, exporting data for further analysis, and utilising filter and sorting options to prioritise the information that matters most to you. This level of control allows you to tailor your experience and make informed decisions.

2FA Authorisation

B2BinPay allows you to strengthen your account security with the streamlined two-factor authentication (2FA) process. To activate 2FA, simply select your preferred authentication method and download a reputable authenticator application to synchronise your mobile device with the platform. This straightforward procedure establishes a robust 2FA protocol, safeguarding your valuable data and financial assets.

API Integration

Integrating the Bitcoin payment gateway API with your native infrastructure is fast, simple and cost-efficient with B2BinPay, allowing you to offer Bitcoin payment options to your target audience.

B2BinPay employs the JSON API to increase the data flow capabilities. With JSON API, data requests become much simpler and more streamlined, allowing you to receive all the important information about clients, price quotes, activities and much more.

B2BinPay’s experts will help you with the integration procedure, making the entire process effortless on your part and putting no extra load on your IT ecosystem.

B2BinPay’s cutting-edge security measures will protect your funds at all times, securing your data through encryption and providing a foolproof checkout system.

The Bitcoin wallet API provided by B2BinPay can be integrated across different software types, including web platforms and applications, giving your customers a direct Bitcoin payment method. On the other side, your business will receive client payments almost instantly, going through the B2BinPay channel and getting screened for AML and KYC procedures to ensure maximum compliance.

Configuring Bitcoin Payments

B2BinPay provides a diverse selection of functionalities to round out the payment processing service. From multi-currency wallets, custom automated reports, crypto swaps and invoice settlements to numerous other quality-of-life features, B2BinPay provides a thorough ecosystem for businesses that wish to adopt Bitcoin.

Any business with a digital platform and online users and stakeholders can conveniently automate BTC payouts and adjust the payment processing systems to their distinct needs.

So, integrate the B2BinPay wallet into your business and start accepting Bitcoin to broaden your revenue streams.

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