What is a CryptoCurrency Payment Gateway?

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A reliable and safe transaction

What is a crypto payment gateway?

Over the past few years, Blockchain and Crypto technologies have become firmly entrenched in our daily lives. Today, it is difficult to find a person who has not heard anything about tokens, crypto exchanges, or financial transactions in cryptocurrency. The development of these technologies allows you to change the usual course of things and use them in various fields. Cryptocurrencies are an excellent alternative to bank settlements. They offer a more convenient and efficient settlement system thanks to specialised technologies. In this article, you will learn what is crypto payment gateway with example and how it works.

Technology features

So, first of all, you need to understand what is crypto payment gateway. For the efficient operation of the exchange, maximum integration with various payment systems is required. For fiat transactions, a bank processing gateway is used, with each country having its own fiat processing. The same is necessary for operations with cryptocurrencies – to be able to service transactions in crypto coins, for example, to accept bitcoin on a website, you will need to integrate a special service known as a cryptocurrency gateway.

The crypto processing system is a universal software solution, a tool that is designed to ensure fast and secure transactions, deposits, and withdrawals of cryptocurrency funds, as well any type of mutual settlements in cryptocurrency online.

The history of cryptocurrencies began over 10 years in 2009, when Bitcoin was introduced. Today there are many different digital currencies available to users and companies. It’s popularity is thanks to some of the features and convenience of this method.

  • Availability of cryptocurrency at any time. The main condition is Internet availability and an active Blockchain account. At the same time, it is impossible to freeze the account or withdraw the cryptocurrency.
  • Transparency. You can check the accuracy of the operations performed at any time.
  • Openness of the code. Thanks to this feature, everyone can mine virtual coins (this is relevant only for the part of cryptocurrencies that can be mapped).
  • Anonymity. Unlike classic electronic money, transactions with which are easily tracked, it will not work to get information about the owner of a cryptocurrency wallet. Only the wallet number and limited data on the amount on the account are available.
  • Reliability. Hacking, forging, or carrying out other similar manipulations with virtual currency will not work – it is reliably protected.
  • Lack of inflation. As a rule, cryptocurrency is issued in a limited volume, which attracts increased attention from investors and eliminates the risks of inflation due to the excessive activity of the issuer. Thus, cryptocurrency is not subject to inflation and is inherently a deflationary currency.
  • Cryptocurrency is an independent currency. Nobody regulates its issue and does not control the movement of funds in the account. It is this feature that attracts many network members.
  • There is no commission for making money transfers between countries. However, when using the Crypto payment gateway, customers pay a small commission to keep the system up and running.

What to look for when choosing a crypto payment gateway

Today, there are many options that a user can look at but the choice must be as reliable and safe as possible. Of course, cryptocurrencies have some drawbacks, but today they are actively used by both ordinary users and companies for transactions around the world. Many payment systems already accept digital currencies and allow you to open accounts (where crypto coins will be credited). Therefore, you should pay attention to some important factors that will help you choose the right payment gateway for crypto.

B2BinPay CryptoCurrency Payment Provider offers clients a wide list of advantages and options.

  • Safety and reputation. The service must provide a high level of reliability and efficiently protect information about the user and transactions. Also, the site uses reliable protection against DDoS attacks, so that its effectiveness is guaranteed in any conditions, and your money remains safe;
  • Variability. A large number of payment gateway options make it easy to exchange any cryptocurrency (even the most exotic ones), buy coins, receive and exchange them;
  • Legitimacy. The company has a license that makes its work legal and guarantees the safety of its customers;
  • Convenience. The low commission percentage allows for convenient transactions, and the fast data processing speed allows you to send transactions around the world;
  • Great site. Excellent design and high-quality functionality allow the user to make a cryptocurrency transaction as convenient as possible. Moreover, the page has 20 language versions, so you can choose the one that is most convenient for you;
  • Anonymity and transparency. The data about your transactions (all of them are white) will be available and legal, but the service also guarantees confidentiality to its users;
  • Independence. No third parties are involved in the transaction between the company and the user. Therefore, payments will be as fast, secure and confidential as possible;
  • The exchange uses a two-factor authentication system to guarantee the maximum level of security. And in case of problems, the support service will always be at your service. The company employees speak many languages ​​and are available around the clock.

How to make your first transaction on crypto coin payment gateway?

A convenient way to carry out transactions on the exchange is to choose a reliable and safe service. After that, the client must register and open a cryptocurrency wallet on the site.Then, the new member needs to log in to the account, indicate the amount and type of cryptocurrency, confirm the decision and go through the verification process. All that remains is to wait until the system processes the operation and gets the cryptocurrency in the shortest time (sometimes a verification procedure is needed).
Now you know what crypto payment gateway is, what it is used for, and how to choose the best option. This knowledge will help you to work more effectively with cryptocurrencies and make more profitable, reliable, and secure transactions.

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