The Top 20 Crypto Payment Providers

Top 20 Crypto Payment Service Provider Companies

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Accepting Bitcoin as a payment method is becoming a popular practice for businesses regardless of their industry, allowing them to receive payments in a faster way and offering their customers more options to transact.

Cryptos have become more available, with more tools and wallets where you can store and transact with virtual currencies or exchange them with fiat money.

E-commerce merchants, crypto exchanges and trading platforms use a crypto payment service provider to accept Bitcoin payments and save the costs of using traditional credit card payments. Here is how blockchain-based transactions work and what are the top crypto payment services that you can add to your website.

Key Takeaways

  1. Paying with crypto for goods and services has become more widely used among individuals and businesses.
  2. Payment gateway solutions facilitate transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto and digital currencies.
  3. Corporations are increasingly adapting to crypto transactions to increase their reach and grow their business.
  4. There are tens of crypto gateway providers that cater to different business needs with various transaction fees and settlement options.

How Crypto Payment Service Providers Work?

Bitcoin payment gateways are interfaces that interact between your customers and the website where they are purchasing goods or services. The gateway serves as a bridge between their crypto wallet, the blockchain and the end destination, which is your wallet or account.

Payment providers offer technological means, whether a physical wallet device or an entry into their payment ecosystem, that allow you to accept Bitcoin payments on your website.

how crypto payment providers work

The Best 20 Crypto Payment Service Providers 

With the popularity of blockchain transactions, you can now find a lot of crypto payment solutions that allow you to choose the virtual currencies you want to support, the blockchains you support and whether you want to store these transfers in crypto or exchange them on the spot to fiat money.

Each provider has pros and cons and diversified business models that suit different companies. Let’s review the best crypto payment service networks.

1. BitPay


BitPay is a non-custodial wallet solution that allows individuals and businesses to send and receive cryptos using a credit card-like plastic card and a mobile app. BitPay’s crypto payment gateway services include businesses, offering them merchandise management, settlements, billing and crypto payrolls.

BitPay supports major coins like BTC and ETH, besides a bunch of altcoins like Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ripple.


Founded: 2011

Supported cryptos: 100+

2. B2BinPay


B2BinPay is a leading crypto payment and wallet provider, allowing all types of clients to send, receive, store, exchange, or swap using over 250 crypto coins, tokens and stablecoins. 

B2BinPay offers blockchain payment processing across mainnet and layer-2 chains, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and more, with robust API integration ecosystems, swaps, and off-chain and on-chain transactions. 


Founded: 2014

Supported cryptos: 250+

3. Stripe

Stripe is a global payment technology connecting multiple banks around the world with merchants and customers. It has ventured into decentralised transactions, allowing users to receive Bitcoin and other selected crypto payment methods in dedicated wallets using a mobile app.

Transactions with Stripe are safeguarded by a wide range of crypto payment APIs that mitigate fraud and promote security and personal data.


Founded: 2019

Supported cryptos: 100+

4. Coinbase


The largest exchange platform offers crypto payment integration services that suit individuals and businesses of all types, featuring quick settlements, fixed conversations and low operational fees. Coinbase commerce solution can be integrated with different websites and online shops to accept payments in BTC, ETH and hundreds of other coins.


Founded: 2012

Supported cryptos: 200+

5. Coingate


Coingate is a payment provider that offers crypto payment gateways, including accepting virtual currencies, customer support, refund policy and a blockchain-based subscription program. Coingate offers its tool for individuals and businesses that aim to benefit from Bitcoin payments and expand their reach.


Founded: 2015

Supported cryptos: 70+

6. BTCPay Server

BTCPay Server

BTCPay is a ready-to-use crypto wallet solution that can be integrated with any website or e-commerce platform, allowing businesses to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum or any other cryptos of their choice.

It is an open-source payment service based on crypto with a bunch of built-in features, besides the capability to integrate more with APIs to expand its functionality.


Founded: 2017

Supported cryptos: BTC and 14 altcoins.

7. CoinsPaid


CoinsPaid is a crypto payment processor that offers decentralised payment solutions to Forex trading platforms, software development firms, e-commerce websites and marketing agencies, allowing them to scale their businesses by reaching new customers who prefer crypto transactions.

It is a fully regulated provider with an AML compliance office and periodical regulatory audits.


Founded: 2014

Supported cryptos: 20+

8. CryptoPay


CryptoPay is an exchange and a decentralised wallet platform that allows users to receive, send, store and exchange crypto using a dedicated mobile wallet app and Visa card. It supports a wide range of fiat currencies, where individuals and companies can finalise settlements in the preferred currency.


Founded: 2013

Supported cryptos: 35+

9. NOWPayments


NOWPayments is a crypto payment solution with a wide range of utilities, such as invoicing, billing, plugins, APIs, PoS payments and more that facilitate transactions in crypto assets. These services are suited to businesses like trading platforms, e-commerce, casinos, gaming, charity and more.


Founded: 2019

Supported cryptos: 300+

10. CoinPayments


CoinPayments is a crypto payment gateway and wallet solution that offers management tools for businesses that want to accept payments in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Its offerings include tools for merchants like API integrations, mobile apps, invoice builders and user-friendly shopping cart plugins.


Founded: 2013

Supported cryptos: 175+

11. Simplex


Simplex is a crypto-to-fiat payment platform that enables users to accept and send crypto coins and manage their exchanges with fiat money with minimum fees and no chargeback charges. The company also offers a turnkey onramp solution for websites that want to offer a fiat-crypto exchange tool.


Founded: 2021

Supported cryptos: 200+

12. Capitual


Capitual is a hybrid crypto bank that offers money management solutions in crypto and fiat currencies for businesses. Its services include crypto payment tools for businesses of all sizes, wallet solutions, and a trading platform. It allows merchants to manage their gateway and transactions using a mobile app across different countries.


Founded: 2018

Supported cryptos: 7

13. Aliant Payments

Aliant Payments

Aliant Payments is a payment gateway provider that accepts fiat and cryptos for e-commerce, point of sale and different businesses. It allows companies to accept crypto and fiat money transactions, besides payment management tools like reporting, invoicing and customer databases with 24/7 customer support. 


Founded: 2003

Supported cryptos:  BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and XRP.

14. Fizen


Fizen is a crypto payments gateway that facilitates fiat-to-crypto transactions for individuals and corporate users with a dedicated wallet solution and mobile application. Its business offerings include a secure payment processor with no chargebacks and low fees, as well as APIs and instant settlements across different currencies and blockchains.


Founded: 2022

Supported cryptos: 24

15. Coinify


Coinify is an online payments gateway provider that allows businesses to accept crypto payments with a bunch of management tools like invoice management, settlement exchanges, fiat-crypto and multiple API integrations. Its offerings include payment with Mastercard using multiple crypto coins and stablecoins that support multiple wallets and work in over 180 countries.


Founded: 2014

Supported cryptos: 25

16. SpectroCoin


SpectroCoin is a crypto payment processor that enables businesses to accept multiple cryptos for PoS purchases and pre-order operations. It offers multiple plugins for e-commerce sites and online shops for an intuitive user experience and various API integrations to elevate your business website and accept cryptos with quick settlements and no chargebacks.


Founded: 2013

Supported cryptos: 57

17. QisstPay


QisstPay is a multi-technology enterprise that offers IT solutions for businesses, including FinTech solutions, invoicing management, and plugin development for e-commerce websites with white label customisations. It is one of the fastest-growing IT and payment solution providers in developing markets, offering crypto payment gateways and financing options, allowing businesses to thrive quickly and safely.


Founded: 2021

Supported cryptos: N/A

18. Patel Processing

Patel Processing

Patel Processing is a multifunctional payment gateway solution that offers payment processing, PoS devices, payment software and other advanced technologies for different FinTech, DeFi and other industries. It offers a fully-fledged system development for businesses, including web applications, customer databases, customer support and payment tools. 


Founded: 2008

Supported cryptos:  BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and DOGE

19. Coinsbank


CoinsBank offers a wide range of crypto service solutions, including wallets, exchanges, credit cards, mobile apps and business tools. It allows companies to accept crypto payments quickly and safely with flexible settlements in virtual or fiat money. Its merchant solutions involve a personal account manager, invoice management, and a bunch of API integrations. 


Founded: 2016

Supported cryptos: BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP.

20. Alfacoins


Alfacoins is a payment processing provider that allows companies and e-commerce merchants to receive crypto payments with flexible payout options, automation tools and multiple statistics to keep track of your business. Alfacoins payments incur less than 1% transaction fees with zero chargebacks and fixable exchange rates.


Founded: 2013

Supported cryptos: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DASH, XRP, USDT, and ERC-20 tokens.

How to Accept Crypto Payments for Service

Finding a payment processor is easy because there are tens of companies and providers to choose from. However, selecting a suitable partner that caters to your specific business needs and customer requirements is challenging.

how choose a crypto payment gateway

Here is what you need to consider before choosing a crypto payment provider.

Regulatory Compliance

Partnering with a payment gateway provider that is fully legal and has proper licencing is necessary. 

This not only helps you avoid legal repercussions from cooperating with an unregulated provider or falling victim to illicit monetary transactions, but it also facilitates offering stable service that does not require frequent change due to legal requirements.

Therefore, check out the regulatory framework the provider follows and ensure conducting periodic audits and licence updates according to legislations.

Supported Cryptos

Crypto payment processors allow you to send and receive different types of virtual currencies. Therefore, determine the cryptos you want to offer to your clients and the ones that are suitable for them, whether major coins like BTC and ETH, altcoins, tokens or stablecoins.

Additionally, check out the transaction, deposit and withdrawal charges associated with each currency and ensure there are no hidden fees. 

Settlement Options

Whether you want to receive payments in cryptos or fiat money in your account, companies who provides payment services to crypto banks help you manage your payouts in a wallet or a bank account in your chosen currency.

In this context, check out the conversion fees for exchanging cryptos to USD or Euro in your account.

Customer Service

Technical issues or glitches can always happen, especially when new updates are introduced or new currencies are supported. Therefore, ensure that the provider offers complete technical support in these instances.

This helps you delegate the burden of technical troubleshooting to a knowledgeable team of developers, reducing costs and resources from your side and allowing you to dedicate more time and effort to serving your customers.


Bitcoin payments have become widely used on multiple platforms and websites, such as trading platforms, e-commerce, online shops, casinos and more. The crypto payment service provider is the intermediary that facilitates this transaction, using technologically advanced interfaces and APIs that process transactions and settlements in crypto or fiat money for businesses of all types.

We’ve listed the top 20 providers that you can utilise to add Bitcoin as a payment or any other crypto coins, stablecoin or token to reach more markets, convert more clients and grow your business.


What are the payment service providers for crypto?

Crypto payment providers are third-party tools and services that allow individuals and companies to receive and send payments in BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. They allow e-commerce sites, trading platforms and online stores to add crypto as a payment method.

What is the most widely accepted crypto payment?

Bitcoin is the first and most used crypto. It is the most used crypto as a payment method, benefiting from the highly secure blockchain and multiple use cases of BTC.

Who processes crypto transactions?

Crypto payments are processed through blockchain, which deploys smart contracts and validators/miners to ensure the legitimacy of transactions against set rules and releases the funds once the operation is verified.

How are Bitcoin payments processed?

Bitcoin payments require a gateway solution that supports crypto assets. Once a user selects BTC payment, the gateway interacts with the client’s wallet, ensuring there are sufficient funds and connects it to the blockchain to start processing the transaction.

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