Accept Crypto Payments with B2BinPay

How to Accept Crypto Payments with B2BinPay

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Today, crypto payments are not just a trend set by industry leaders but a practical technology that gives digital businesses unprecedented opportunities to make mutual settlements, simplifying, speeding up and making the payment process secure.

B2BinPay, setting trends in digital coin processing and crypto payment solutions, offers a complete infrastructure with access to professional tools for working with payments in both fiat and digital tokens. But how do you accept crypto payments with B2BinPay?

In this article, you will find answers to why accepting crypto payments is essential, what the Merchant solution from B2BinPay is and how it can be used to work with digital assets.

Key Takeaways

  1. B2BinPay is a state-of-the-art crypto processing provider for processing digital assets.
  2. Enterprise Model offers a complete set of tools to receive payments and other transactions within a business using digital coins.

Why Is It Important to Accept Crypto Payments Nowadays?

The world of finance, as we see it today, has become the product of a profound transformation of many elements of the companies’ business processes. One of them is the electronic processing of payment orders (crypto transactions), the concept of which has undergone significant changes with the arrival of cryptocurrency technologies. 

This is how the direction of development of payment system projects appeared, working on the payment processing model with the use of digital assets.

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Thanks to the large-scale implementation of digital assets processing services in the payment system of modern companies, regardless of their type of activity, it has become possible not only to increase competitiveness in the market by offering an innovative way of mutual settlements to customers but also to gain valuable experience in interacting with new technological crypto models and algorithms, on the basis of which B2B crypto payments processing works, which gives the opportunity to engage in their own development of similar products.

As of late, B2BinPay has made a significant update by combining two modules of their product into one to provide single access to its benefits to all users.

Fast Fact

B2BinPay —  Innovative Digital Assets Processing System

B2BinPay is a company operating in the cryptocurrency industry for a while now. Over time, it has developed and implemented ingenious solutions for cryptocurrency processing, storage, and converting crypto assets. 

The company has also created multifunctional and innovative cryptocurrency systems that come as crypto-purses for merchants and corporate clients. This gives them a chance to start using B2BinPay services immediately. All these solutions form an ecosystem of the system called the B2BinPay Enterprise Model. This model has helped to simplify cryptocurrency transactions while ensuring maximum security and convenience for all users.

Notably, according to the latest update, Merchant and Enterprise clients now get unified access with the same one-time onboarding fee ($500). 

The B2BinPay Enterprise Model is a highly advanced, versatile payment solution ecosystem explicitly designed for enterprise clients, including Forex brokers and crypto exchanges. It offers seamless crypto coin wallet integration, allowing businesses to conduct various operations with digital assets and fiat currencies. 

This payment solution provides numerous advantages, making it an indispensable tool for businesses and e-commerce platforms to leverage the benefits of cryptocurrency technologies, especially crypto-processing. 

With B2BinPay, companies can enjoy faster, safer, and more convenient payment transactions, both on-chain and off-chain, surpassing any existing classical payment system.

The B2BinPay Enterprise Model is a versatile payment solution that enables businesses to accept crypto payments and manage them easily. It offers a range of features that make it a highly sought-after product, such as the ability to store and convert cryptocurrencies and the freedom to customise payment options based on the business model. 

This solution is gaining popularity due to its flexibility and usefulness, making it an ideal choice for businesses that want to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their payment systems, including due to the following advantages.

Main Features of B2BinPay's Enterprise Model

1. Address Book

B2BinPay Enterprise solution users can save any type of address to their favourites. This allows for faster payment creation in the future. After entering a new address, the client simply needs to select the appropriate field, which will be saved in the Address Book for future use.

2. Bank Withdrawal

B2BinPay offers a convenient and fast way for corporate wallet users to accept Bitcoin payments and convert their digital assets into fiat money. With the ability to use both SWIFT and SEPA payment methods, users can receive direct payments to their bank accounts. Additionally, users can choose between one-time withdrawals or schedule regular payments, providing flexibility in managing their finances. 

3. Fee Replacement

If an enterprise client has set a low commission for a transfer still pending confirmation, they can easily replace it with a higher one. This process is simple and can be done by clicking the “Replace by commission” button in the transfer settings. The client will then be offered a new commission value higher than the previous one, allowing them to complete the transaction more quickly. 

4. Flexible Payouts

The B2BinPay Enterprise Model is designed to offer flexible withdrawal options that allow users to utilise the best crypto for payments in numerous currencies, except for the currency of the wallet. This feature is handy for companies that prefer to work with multiple virtual coins and blockchain systems. By providing the flexibility to transact in various currencies, the B2BinPay Enterprise Model enables users to streamline their payment processes and expand their reach to new markets.

5. Notification System

B2BinPay offers enterprise models that come equipped with a powerful notification centre. This feature ensures that enterprise customers receive all types of software notifications, including notifications about the status of their crypto wallet. Customers can obtain these notifications via email by specifying the necessary email addresses in the “Notification Addresses” field. This helps achieve a high level of informativeness, ensuring that important events are noticed.

6. Transaction Fees Control

The B2BinPay Enterprise Model offers a crypto payment solution that gives corporate clients better control over the speed of their chain transactions. By paying higher commissions, clients can enjoy faster transaction speeds within the system. Moreover, clients can set individual commissions based on various conditions for outgoing transactions, such as their type, quantity, and other factors. This enables them to have greater flexibility and control over their transactions.

How to Accept Crypto Payments Utilising B2BinPay

B2BinPay is a reliable platform that facilitates businesses to perform online cryptocurrency transactions efficiently. It allows users to send, receive, store, exchange and accept digital currency payments securely and at a lower cost than traditional online payment gateways. 

As a consequence, B2BinPay is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for Forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, online stores and other merchants globally for their crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat transactions. Its cost-effective solutions make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to reduce transaction costs while ensuring the safety of their online transactions.

How to Accept Crypto Payments Utilising B2BinPay?

Several simple steps are taken to implement this payment gateway into the payment system to enable businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments online using this payment gateway. As a rule, the process starts with installing the appropriate software and infrastructure within the payment modules, for example, on the business website as a payment method that can be used for payment. 

Then, the crypto payment API is connected and configured, acting as a bridge between the payment gateway and the company’s customers. Afterwards, the user interface, wallets, and the selection of available coins, tokens, and stablecoins are configured to access crypto.

how does crypto payment works?

In addition, the backend of the solution is configured accordingly, which gives access to change and monitor many parameters of digital wallets, view and collect analytical information on each transfer, perform complex analysis of accounts according to specified criteria and requirements, make payments on transactions in different blockchain networks and analyse quotes of all crypto instruments on all used markets.

Consequently, the B2BinPay crypto-processing system offers the best crypto payment gateway in the industry for accepting crypto payments online when using any crypto assets within the framework of work with any type of business. 

The flexibility of customisation for setting up individual parameters and aspects of its operation and scalability, which allows the functionality of the gateway systems to adapt to changing conditions of work, adds to the jar of advantages of this solution. All this helps you get paid in crypto under any conditions and circumstances.


Today, all it takes to accept crypto payments is the internet, a small budget and a desire to keep up with the times, adhere to new standards and follow the trends changing the finance and payment world.

B2BinPay is building the future of digital payments, combining in its approach a rich experience of working with crypto-technological systems and offering a universal solution for payment of any services and wares utilising virtual currencies. 

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