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Cardano is one of the fastest growing digital assets in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year there are more and more people who want to use it for online shopping. Cardano is also among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

The project stands out among its peers because of its emphasis on a scientific approach to development. Cardano’s technology is developing at a rapid pace and aims to outperform many large blockchains in building an agile ecosystem.

Before we learn how to accept payments in Cardano, we should first understand the reason why the project is so popular, and its history.

Uniqueness of Cardano 

Cardano is a blockchain platform based on Ouroboros.

Ouroboros is an innovative proof-of-stake protocol that sets Cardano apart from all other cryptocurrencies that rely on the proof-of-work protocol. Ouroboros is one of the key elements of the Cardano network.

In addition, it is important to note that Cardano is the name of the platform, and ADA is the name of its native cryptocurrency token. Cardano’s ADA token, in turn, gets its name from mathematician Ada Lovelace.

Cardano is often compared to Ethereum, and deservedly so. First, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson was one of the founders of Ethereum. However, he had a disagreement with Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin as Hoskinson wanted to steer Ethereum in a more commercial direction and accept venture capital. Other Ethereum founders wanted a less business-oriented approach.

After leaving Ethereum, Hoskinson decided to improve Ethereum with his own cryptocurrency project. Hoskinson’s invention would retain many of Ethereum’s attractive features, but eliminate its weaknesses.

Cardano in its current form offers many of Ethereum’s most attractive features, such as smart contracts. At the same time, Hoskinson designed Cardano from the very beginning so that the system would be energy efficient and support fast transactions with minimal fees. In addition, Cardano has another big plus – unlike Ethereum, which has no absolute supply limit, Cardano has a strict limit of 45 billion coins.

Cardano is quite a successful project. It is currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Moreover, this year the project has attracted special interest when the world began to actively discuss the impact of cryptocurrencies on the environment.

How to accept Cardano (ADA) on your website

If after reading this you want to get access to ADA payments as soon as possible, we can tell you how.

To accept cryptopayments in ADA, you first need to contact a cryptopayment processor. After that, you need to integrate the processor’s technology – usually an API – according to the instructions.

That’s all and you’re done! Now you can conduct cryptocurrency transactions as quickly and conveniently as possible. Thanks to blockchain technology, you can also run secure payments with the lowest fees.

It’s worth noting that if you use the services of the best cryptoprocessor B2BinPay, smart contracts will be involved in every transaction. They increase the transparency and security of payments, and guarantee trust between buyer and seller. Smart contracts deal with every aspect of the payment, including verification.

B2BinPay is a well-known player in the industry. This processor can get you connected to cryptopayments in a short time, and provide all the support you need.  With B2BinPay, you can accept cryptocurrency payments from customers all over the world. If you need cryptopayments for your business, feel free to contact B2BinPay.

Currently, the minimum fee for incoming transactions for coins is 0.5% — the lowest fee on the market. As for stabelcoins and tokens, B2BinPay charges about 1% of each transaction. Small and medium-sized businesses can open an account for $500. Enterprise customers, in turn, can access cryptocurrency payments for $1500.

Does B2BinPay accept other coins?

Yes! B2BinPay offers support for over 888 coins including Cardano, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company always has its eye on the crypto market and adds support for new coins which you can use to get payments on your website.


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