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Bitcoin now accounts for the majority of trade volume for the entire market and many companies are seeing the benefits of accepting Bitcoin as a way to boost sales. The importance of offering a variety of payment options cannot be ignored. Accepting crypto payments provides merchants with access to new customers and helps to boost their profits. It’s an all-round win-win situation.

If you’re one of the growing number of businesses that has ever wondered how to accept Bitcoin payments, or indeed any kind of cryptocurrency payments, doing so undoubtedly presents several opportunities that should not be overlooked. It is definitely worth checking out some of the main benefits.

Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency

Offering your customers the means to accept cryptocurrencies is, as we have seen, an effective way to boost your sales. The demand for Bitcoin and other crypto payments continues to rise, and these days they are being more frequently included as a payment method by online businesses. If you add crypto payments, you can look forward to attracting a new breed of customer wishing to pay for goods or services in crypto.

This method of payment also provides a secure way of paying, and is accompanied by lower costs than more traditional modes of payments like credit cards. If you decide to go ahead, you will firstly need to find a good crypto payment system in order to process your transactions.

How to Accept Crypto Payments

To proceed with Bitcoin payments, you need to integrate the services of a Bitcoin payment processor. This is usually a simple and straightforward procedure which can be implemented in a short period of time.

Widely regarded as the best payment processor for cryptocurrency, B2BinPay can provide you with that solution. B2BinPay is a well-known and reputable provider in this space, facilitating blockchain payments across the world.

B2BinPay Crypto Processing

B2BinPay is one of the industry’s leading cryptocurrency payment solutions which enables businesses to send, receive, store, exchange and accept online crypto payments globally securely and safely. It is used by many forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, hedge funds, online stores and other merchants, who have successfully implemented the solution to enable transactions between parties in crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat, for a lower cost compared with other types of online payment gateways.

If you offer Merchant cryptocurrency services with B2BinPay, you can enjoy the advantages of features such as no recurring fees or hidden charges, low processing fees, downloadable reports, real time balance and transaction history and secure checkout.

Enterprises are also catered for, benefiting from a highly secure, reliable and scalable wallet with features including automatic withdrawals, secure API and sandbox environment for the development team, 888+ coins and tokens supported, advanced real-time reports and 24/7 technical support in 6 languages.

With B2BinPay crypto gateway, you can accept all the popular cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, dash, ripple, binance coin, cardano, neo, nem, monero, B2BX and any ERC20 token.

Start offering crypto payments today with B2BinPay. Contact us now!

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