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Merchant Vs Enterprise Crypto Wallet: Difference and How to Choose Each Type

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The growth of cryptocurrencies made them a solid competitor to traditional payment methods we have been using for years, such as bank transfers and credit cards.

Throughout 15 years of existence, the crypto market experienced several booms that surged the coins’ values, besides massive advancements that improved transaction security, speed and scalability. Eventually, crypto payments became inevitable tools for startups to increase their reach and convert more clients. 

B2BinPay offers multiple crypto wallet solutions to scale your business. With merchant and enterprise accounts, you can receive online transactions in BTC, ETH, USDT and hundreds of coins and tokens.

Let’s dive deeper into B2BinPay crypto processing systems and discuss the utility of merchant vs enterprise crypto wallets.

Key Takeaways

  1. B2BinPay offers crypto payment solutions that facilitate receiving, sending and managing crypto transactions for various business industries.
  2. The merchant account allows businesses to receive online transactions in over 60 cryptocurrencies, tokens and stablecoins.
  3. The enterprise account suits companies that offer brokerage and custodian services and want to streamline their blockchain operations using 350+ DeFi assets.

Understanding B2BinPay Crypto Payments

Operating in the crypto world requires adopting the most advanced technologies and tools. This is not only a contemporary way to serve your customers, but it can also save you money compared to using credit cards and bank payments.

Users are more aware of cybersecurity best practices and the importance of keeping sensitive information off the internet. Therefore, there has been an increasing trend of using digital and hardware wallets to conduct blockchain-based payments.

B2BinPay has been working with cryptocurrencies since they first appeared on the market, accumulating years of experience providing the best tools and solutions that meet and exceed users’ and businesses’ needs.

B2BinPay’s cryptocurrency wallet solutions are the best way to capitalise on the growing trends in the decentralised economy. Whether you are launching a brokerage firm, offering investing opportunities in various cryptocurrencies, or an online merchant willing to receive crypto payments safely and quickly, B2BinPay is the right crypto wallet solution.

Crypto payment solutions are offered in two ways: merchant and enterprise accounts, catering to various business needs and adopting the most recent trends in digital currencies and payment technology.

B2BinPay crypto payments

Merchant Wallets

The merchant wallet is B2BinPay’s solution to transact with cryptos and store them in your choice of fiat, digital coins or stablecoins. You can send and receive money virtually from and to anywhere in the world or hold it in digital wallets in multiple currencies, whether crypto or fiat.

Merchant cryptocurrency wallets facilitate the work of businesses in various industries with easy integration and ongoing 24/7 technical support, ensuring your payment gateway works uninterruptedly.

You can schedule and create automatic payouts in different currencies to compensate your suppliers or employees with fast settlements and complete reporting.

All you need to do is create your account at B2BinPay and start receiving crypto payments at low fees and full transparency that ensures full compliance with applicable laws.

Who Can Use It?

B2BinPay’s merchant wallet solutions enable companies to integrate and accommodate the most recent trends in cryptocurrencies without necessarily working in the decentralised environment.

In fact, the merchant account aims to facilitate crypto transactions for FX brokerage firms, iGaming platforms, gambling sites, e-commerce stores, online marketplaces, marketing firms, travel agencies and legal service providers.

Businesses that serve clients across the globe can integrate a digital wallet to receive virtual coins without going through the hassle of fiat currency exchanges and hefty commission fees of overseas transfers.

This can be highly beneficial for startups that face fierce competition and want to quickly enter the market using a seamless and affordable setup process.

B2BinPay merchant solution

Supported Currencies

The merchant account allows businesses to transact using 63 digital assets, including coins, tokens and stablecoins. Crypto payments take place over leading blockchain systems, such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon and other 10+ chains, to boost interoperability and security.

Companies are increasingly using stablecoins as safe digital currencies that preserve value. B2BinPay’s merchant wallet supports 30+ stablecoins, including USDT, USDC, TUSD, EURC, and PayPal’s new currency, PYUSD.

Additional Features

In order to ensure the success of your business startup with the merchant account, B2BinPay provides 24/7 technical support with uninterrupted assistance and onboarding guidelines.

The merchant wallet also provides a swap feature, which allows you to exchange funds and store them in your chosen currency. This includes virtual coins, tokens and stablecoins.

How to Create Your B2BinPay Merchant Wallet

B2BinPay digital payment solutions are regulated by top-tier jurisdictions and have comprehensive KYC and AML procedures that collect user information for verification purposes. Here’s how you can start.

  • Sign up by filling out a registration form, inserting your personal information and company details, and creating a password.
  • After submission, check your email to start verification by submitting the requested documents.
  • To create your first wallet, go to “wallet management”, then “wallets”, click “add wallet” and choose “merchant wallet”.
  • Choose the wallet currency and note that you cannot change the currency, but you can create an unlimited number of wallets.
  • After registration, you will receive an email with your unique API credentials. Insert the keys in your API documentation to integrate the merchant wallet into your website.

Enterprise Wallets

The enterprise wallet solution is for companies that want to manage their own blockchain operations by receiving, sending, storing and leading crypto investments.

It is a perfect solution for brokerage firms who want to offer crypto spot exchange and financial brokerage services in DeFi settings.

The enterprise blockchain wallet suits mobile wallet providers who want to achieve seamless interoperability between devices and allow users to access and manage their funds directly on their mobile crypto wallets.

The system is integrated with security analysis and compliant partners like Crystal and Chainalysis to ensure the validity of operations and full compliance with applicable KYC and AML policies.

Who Can Use It?

B2BinPay enterprise solution

In essence, the enterprise blockchain solution suits businesses that want to offer financial services, custodian solutions, currency exchanges, and other activities that involve storing and managing crypto assets.

This solution allows crypto brokers, fiat/crypto converters, margin trading brokers, centralised and decentralised exchanges, token issuers, and mobile wallets to store DeFi assets in a safe environment.

The service includes payment gateway management with a B2BinPay gateway, offering a scannable QR code and a VWAP-based swap tool.

Supported Currencies

This solution extends the support to 351 assets, including coins, tokens and stablecoins, with increased support of utility tokens to 300 minted on the top blockchains.

Managers can swap their funds and store them in any currency and adjust their transaction fee according to the payment speed.

Additional Features

Automated payouts allow users to streamline their cash flow and send money with adjustable gas fees. Additionally, users can test their solution using the Sandbox staging environment to test the tool before offering crypto services to clients.

The 24/7 technical support ensures clients do not face downtimes and any pending issues are resolved on time.

How to Create Your B2BinPay Enterprise Wallet

Having a technical grasp is essential to activating your solution, which involves API integration and testing to ensure your blockchain ecosystem works perfectly. Here’s how you can start.

  • Sign up by filling out a registration form, inserting your personal information and company details, and creating a password.
  • After submission, check your email to start verification by submitting the requested documents.
  • To create your first wallet, go to “wallet management”, then “wallets”, click “add wallet” and choose “merchant wallet”.
  • You can create unlimited wallets. However, token wallet creation requires selecting a parent cryptocurrency.

Both wallet solutions involve a one-time fee of $500, which includes legal compliance review, operation screening, and platform set-up.

Fast Fact

Merchant Vs Enterprise: Which Suits One is Better?

Choosing the right crypto payment solution depends on your business type and objectives. If you want to receive online transactions quickly in safe gateways and environments and withdraw them in multiple currencies, then merchant wallets are the best choice.

However, the enterprise blockchain wallet solution is suitable if you want to offer advanced crypto financial services, investment brokerage, or any other service that involves receiving, sending and managing DeFi assets.

B2BinPay supported cryptocurrencies

Once you become a verified user, you can use B2BinPay’s hardware wallet to keep your funds away from the internet and ensure maximum security over your funds.


B2BinPay offers crypto payment solutions that suit various businesses and industries, bridging the gap between traditional and crypto payment methods.

The merchant wallet is the best solution for receiving and withdrawing funds in multiple cryptocurrencies, while the enterprise blockchain solution suits brokers, converters and crypto exchange platforms.

B2BinPay supports over 350 cryptos, including coins, tokens, and stablecoins, as a thriving currency for businesses around the world. Register your account and activate your wallet solution, benefiting from low setup fees and a guided onboarding process.

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