B2BinPay: The Premier Client’s Payment System for Maximum Security and Convenience

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B2BinPay: The Premier Client’s Payment System for Maximum Security and Convenience

In the crypto payments industry, B2BinPay is the leader. Due to its excellent customer service, maximum security, and ongoing support for all its clients, the company has acquired many satisfied customers over the years. In light of the growing popularity of crypto payments, a robust payment solution has become increasingly essential, which is why we are continually updating and upgrading our services.

B2BinPay Updates

In order to provide clients with the best experience possible, B2BinPay ensures that features are always up-to-date. In the latest update, we are concentrating on providing our customers with the maximum level of comfort and security. Several new improvements and upgraded features have been integrated to facilitate smoother and faster high-speed transactions.


With the new HelpDesk tool, B2BinPay wants to make the user experience easier, more accessible, and more comfortable. The HelpDesk will provide technical assistance through the B2BinPay software to handle system and user issues.

Support Emails

A sophisticated email support system will allow Merchant accounts to link emails with invoices. By doing so, customers will be able to resolve issues they have regarding a product or service more efficiently.


B2BinPay now offers ChainAnalysis as a new transaction-friendly blockchain intelligence option. A convenient interface, real-time API, and constant tracking of all cryptocurrency transactions will be available to all Merchant accounts.

New Features

  • We added a new field name to the logs for all pages.
  • Merchant users can now filter their wallet lists by currency by using the new currency filter on the Wallet page.
  • Users of the Merchant account can now make refunds to the payer by clicking on a refund button on the Invoice details page.
  • User accounts for Merchants have now been updated with new customer support email addresses to which payers’ requests will be directed. Clicking the create new bank withdrawal button now gets you to a new window. 
  • A new AML provider. 

Improvements Features

  • AML system logic has been upgraded, and enhancements have been contemplated. This will mean long delays that could last up to an hour will be eliminated.
  • For repeated checks, a short delay is implemented now if the service provider is delayed. An email notification is sent to compliance if an organization does not conduct the final check on their side; therefore, no additional checks are attempted. 
  • For Merchants users looking to withdraw funds from a bank, a specific calculation will apply in order to determine the percentage of the withdrawal amount plus a fixed amount in the withdrawal currency (not less than the minimum commission amount). B2BinPay Back Office will configure commission percentages, fixed amounts, and minimum commissions. Moreover, the contract amount is now shown under the amount field on the withdrawal creation form.
  • Merchant users will also benefit from an improved payment page that is now easier to use. 
  • Token icons have been updated, the search field has been modified, and all currencies now have tags. Cryptocurrency categories have been assigned: Coins, Stablecoins, and others.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed: the inability to change the language in the calendar widget.
  • Fixed: incorrect filtering in the amount field on the create exchange page. 
  • Fixed: incorrect display of commission currency on the create exchange page.


Since its inception, B2BinPay has constantly evolved and provided the best updates to its users. Customers can count on it to provide best-in-class support, maximum security, and a variety of features. This is why B2BinPay is the best online payment software solution available. 

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