B2BinPay Enterprise Model Guide. Wallets for Business.

B2BinPay Enterprise Model Guide. Wallets for Business.

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B2BinPay company, since its foundation, has passed a long way of formation in the crypto niche, developing and implementing solutions for crypto processing, storage, and conversion of crypto assets, as well as developing multifunctional and innovative cryptocurrency systems in the form of crypto-purses for both merchants and corporate clients.  These solutions make up the ecosystem of the system, which is called B2BinPay Enterprise Model.

This article will highlight what B2BinPay Enterprise Model is and how it works. You will also learn about the functionality of this model and what types of businesses it is suitable for.

What is B2BinPay Enterprise Model and How Does It Work?

B2BinPay Enterprise Model is a multifunctional ecosystem of payment solutions for corporate clients, which allows you to integrate cryptocurrency wallets to perform various operations with digital assets and fiat currencies. With numerous advantages, this payment solution has become an indispensable tool for ensuring the ability to use all the benefits of cryptocurrency technologies, in particular crypto-processing, within any business and e-commerce. These advantages are expressed primarily in the possibility of making payment on-chain and off-chain transactions faster, safer and more convenient than using any existing classical payment system.

Enterprise Model from B2BinPay company works on the basis of payment system integration into the infrastructure (site, application) of any company interested in using virtual wallets for providing its customers with modern tools of mutual payments for purchase of products or services. Enterprise Model is a universal tool that is compatible with any of the existing merchant models and any type of business, regardless of its activity.

Key Takeaways

  1. B2BinPay Enterprise model is a flexible multifunctional solution for crypto-processing in any business format and for e-commerce as well.
  2. B2BinPay Enterprise model allows to use ecosystem of payment storages which gives freedom and security to store and quickly convert any crypto and fiat currencies.

What Features Does the B2BinPay Enterprise Model Have?

As it was already mentioned above, B2BinPay Enterprise Model is a universal solution which is the embodiment of the idea to create a crypto payment system for any business models, which gives freedom and flexibility in making cryptocurrency payments, as well as their storage and conversion. As a consequence, this product is in high demand, not least because of a number of useful features, among which:

Premium Support

Premium B2BinPay Enterprise Model customer support provides an unsurpassed level of personalized attention to solve any problems related to system use. An expert team is available 24/7 to help with technical questions and provide hands-on help and guidance on short notice. You just need to create a ticket and track its status directly in the system. It is also possible to attach photos, videos, and files in many well-known formats.

Customer Control of Transaction Fees

Crypto payment solution within B2BinPay Enterprise Model allows corporate clients with enhanced merchant models to control transaction speed. In this case, the higher the commission, the higher speed of chain transactions in the system. Additionally, it is possible to set up individual commissions depending on the conditions of performing outgoing transactions (for instance, their type, quantity, etc.).

Notification System

Enterprise models from B2BinPay have a functional notification center, so enterprise customers can receive all types of software notifications, as well as notifications about the status of the crypto wallet by email, by specifying the necessary email addresses in the “Notification Addresses” field. Ultimately, a high level of informativeness is achieved where it is impossible to miss important events.

Flexible Payouts 

Flexible withdrawal is the basis of the B2BinPay Enterprise Model, which allows you to make payments in different currencies, except the currency of the wallet. This aspect plays a significant role in situations when a company prefers to work with different cryptocurrencies and different blockchain systems.

Fee Replacement

If the commission selected by the enterprise client is too low and his transfer is stuck (still needs to be confirmed), he can replace it with a higher one. This process is straightforward. In the transfer settings, there is the “Replace by commission” button, where the client is offered a new commission value, which will be higher than the previous one.

Bank Withdrawal

B2BinPay corporate wallet users can conveniently and quickly convert any crypto asset they have into cash, receiving fiat payments directly to their bank account using SWIFT and SEPA payment methods. There are options for one-time withdrawals or the ability to set up regular payments.

Address Book

Users of B2BinPay Enterprise solution can save any types of addresses to their favorites and use them to create faster payments. After entering a new address, the client needs to tick the appropriate field, then it will be saved in the Address Book.

B2BinPay Enterprise model is a set of crypto payment solutions for corporate clients which are planned to be united into one system.

What Types of Business Is B2BinPay Enterprise Suitable For?

B2BinPay Enterprise solution exceeds all expectations, giving the opportunity to businesses of any level to feel confident in the dynamically changing market and keep pace with the development of crypto technologies, which creates a foundation for the formation of new projects. Among the clients who use this solution, we can single out:

Multi-Asset Brokers

Cryptocurrency can be added as an additional asset to a multi-currency broker platform, giving clients the unique ability to use crypto-fiat conversion to purchase any asset they require. This solution helps such brokers expand the range of services offered, thereby helping to increase the number of clients. 

Crypto Brokers

As part of trading with a crypto broker, clients can use the ability to fund a brokerage account and trade using different types of cryptocurrencies. This is a great opportunity to save on commissions compared to using fiat currencies.


Crypto exchangers can use B2BinPay solution to provide their corporate clients with an opportunity to convert their cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies into any of the accepted currencies and vice versa. The system offers a user-friendly interface and industry-leading exchange rates, which clearly sets such a product apart from many competitors in the market.

Crypto Exchanges (CEX)

This category of users of B2BinPay crypto-processing solutions is the largest, since the crypto payment system is the main mechanism underlying each exchange carrying out transactions with crypto assets. The payment gateway included in the Enterprise model provides the technology to process all cryptocurrency on chain transactions, regardless of type and size.

Mobile Wallet Apps

B2BinPay solutions can be easily implemented into any mobile app for chain transactions. Regardless of the type of app, crypto wallet and crypto processing solution will provide corporate clients with a full set of features for secure storage of crypto assets, stable coins and tokens of any class.


Powerful payment systems like B2BinPay Enterprise give enterprise users full freedom to make crypto-transactions using flexible pricing models, competitive fees and reliable security measures. This solution will become an indispensable assistant for any business seeking to follow today’s crypto-trends changing the economic system of the whole world.

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