B2BinPay Announces a New Website Design, along with Updated Pricing, Tokens, and Merchant Models

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B2BinPay, a prominent cryptocurrency payment processor, is excited to announce a significant upgrade to our commissions, website, Enterprise and Merchant Models, and the product itself. We have revised the fees and pricing, decreasing prices and making it more straightforward for companies to use our services.

B2BinPay itself has also received various upgrades. In addition, we have revamped the website for a more user-friendly experience. With these changes, we continue to offer businesses the best payment solutions globally.

Pricing Plans Have Been Revised

We have updated our pricing plans to give customers more value than ever before. By significantly cutting our entry fees and ushering in new percentages and tiers, we help ensure that our clients save even more as transaction volume grows.

The following are the new, reduced percentage and volume thresholds for the Merchant Models:

We have reduced the onboarding price for Enterprise clients from $1,500 to $1,000. In addition, we have readjusted the threshold of percentage tiers for Enterprise users, which will result in significant savings. The changes are summarized below:

Not only are all outgoing transactions free of charge, but these rates are also lower than most competitors, allowing us to provide our customers with the best value possible.

New Website Design, Improved User Interface, and Additional Features

We have revamped the website to offer helpful information in a format that is easy for all visitors to understand. The new site design features several pages with detailed descriptions of each product or service offered by B2BinPay.

Our newly designed pages allow easy navigation and make finding the most critical information a breeze.

Our team has created a detailed guide on On-Chain and Off-Chain transactions. On-chain transactions take place on the blockchain and must be validated by network members. Although we do not impose a fee for On-chain transactions, the client is still responsible for paying the blockchain commission. Off-Chain transactions are processed through B2BinPay’s proprietary technology. These transactions are carried out between B2BinPay users and occur outside of the blockchain. They are both free and quick, saving blockchain costs and processing time. The website now offers a thorough summary of every On- and Off-Chain transaction between users.

We have created a FAQs area to ensure that all issues are resolved swiftly, thoroughly, and correctly. The FAQs page answers various questions about services, functionality, security measures, and other topics. The inclusion of the “Available Currencies” page, which has over 80 different coins for you to pick from, enables our clients to peruse the ever-expanding list of currencies at their convenience.

Companies can swiftly integrate blockchain technology into their payment systems using B2BinPay’s API more easily and securely than ever before. You may get all the relevant documents with a few mouse clicks.

We also upgraded B2BinPay, the product, to incorporate Merchant Invoice Limits, Delta Amount, and Cardano (ADA) compatibility and several enhancements targeted to improve user convenience. These improvements together make B2BinPay an unrivaled option for all crypto payment needs.

Addition of New Tokens

We have increased our currency and token options in both the Merchant and Enterprise formats. With the inclusion of roughly 100 tokens, including WBTC, ANKR, GALA, IMX, and others, these models now offer more flexibility, providing customers access to a broader range of cryptocurrencies. We believe that the enhanced variety contributes to customer satisfaction, allowing for optimum development across all models.

Revised and Improved Merchant Models

We have made a significant effort to better serve our clients by changing our business structures. We now provide three models instead of two – Enterprise, Merchant (Fiat Settlement), and Merchant (Crypto Settlement). Customers that choose Merchant (Crypto Settlement) may create virtual wallets in USDT, USDC, and BTC.

The new Crypto Settlement model enables merchants to accept direct crypto payments, giving them access to quicker and more reliable transactions. In addition to USDT, USDC, and BTC, US Dollars and Euros are now accessible to individuals who prefer Fiat Settlement. This model enables businesses to accept crypto payments and immediately convert them to the account’s base currency. The Enterprise model for large-scale clients seeking sophisticated blockchain wallet solutions remains unchanged.

Bottom Line

B2BinPay is an excellent option for businesses seeking to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their operations, thanks to its updated website and enhanced functionality. In the last year, our team has made significant progress in making the product more user-friendly and economical for companies. With competitive costs and pricing models, consumers are sure to discover a plan that matches their specific requirements. We are proud to provide businesses of all sizes with efficient, secure, and dependable payment processing solutions.

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