Merchant Limits and Cardano Network are Now Available on B2BinPay

Merchant Limits and Cardano Network are Now Available on B2BinPay

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We at B2BinPay are happy to announce that our solution for cryptocurrency payments now offers Merchant Invoice Limits. This new feature allows Merchant users to issue invoices for the amount they specify. The new feature is already available for use. Aside from that, Enterprise customers now have access to Cardano. B2BinPay’s latest update provides our clients with even more options and control over their payments, ensuring the best possible experience.

Merchant Invoice Limits

With the new B2BinPay update, merchants can create invoices in their wallet’s default currency. That includes USD, EUR, USDT, USDC, and BTC. Not only that, B2BinPay will also convert the amount into any other currencies available to the merchant. Businesses that wish to accept different currencies will find this feature extremely useful. Merchants no longer have to worry about hassles or discomfort, as the payment system is now more flexible and convenient.

Following the selection of a currency, users are redirected to the payment page, where the payment will be processed. On this page, customers can enter their payment information, review their orders, and pay.

Looking to trade cryptocurrencies without having to worry about volatile prices? We’ve implemented a new system that automatically recalculates and locks the exchange rate every 15 minutes, so your customers can be confident that they’re getting the best possible rate. The rate can be recalculated manually if the market changes while the user is in the middle of a transaction.

Additionally, Merchant users can now limit the duration of their invoices to remain active in addition to the automatic recalculation of exchange rates every 15 minutes. A client can now decide whether he wants the invoices to expire after seven days or have no expiration date at all.

We’ve also added new invoice statuses to enable you to gain greater control over your invoicing. At the moment, invoices can have the following statuses:

  • Invoice (created)
  • Paid
  • Canceled
  • Unresolved.

With a “Delta amount,” or tolerance level, merchants accommodate crypto volatility for an invoiced amount. For example, if the market rate changes and an invoice was initially for 100 USD, a 10 USD Delta may be specified. Whenever a customer pays between 90 and 110 USD, the payment is considered fulfilled. Moreover, even if an invoice says “Paid in Full” but falls within the Delta range because of market fluctuations, the transaction is still considered settled and closed.

Cardano Support

B2BinPay’s latest update now allows Enterprise users to accept ADA deposits with the new Cardano support. Cardano is a blockchain platform that enables businesses to develop and deploy decentralized applications and offers fast, secure, and affordable transactions.

Bottom Line

Our B2BinPay team is always striving to provide the most comprehensive payment solutions to our clients. Thanks to the ability to limit invoices and set delta amounts, B2BinPay is now even more convenient to use for your payments. New features prevent volatility issues and make the solution even more reliable for businesses. In addition, we’re excited to offer the Cardano network as a part of our offering. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and will continue to work hard to improve our solution. Thank you for your continued support!

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