How to Buy Bitcoin With Apple Pay

How to Buy Bitcoin With Apple Pay?

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The development of the cryptocurrency market was a real information revolution of the foundations of the current financial system, allowing the first cryptocurrency in the world – Bitcoin – to be used as a payment instrument. This has contributed to the fact that numerous payment applications have appeared on the market, allowing us to work with crypto payments. One of the most striking examples of such applications is Apple Pay, developed by the famous American technology corporation Apple. 

This article will shed light on what Apple Pay Digital Wallet is, what crypto platforms allow buying Bitcoin using Apple Pay technology, and what are the advantages of using this technology to buy the first cryptocurrency.

Key Takeaways

  1. Apple Pay is a payment method based on contactless payment for goods and services from Apple.
  2. Among the most famous platforms where you can buy BTC with Apple Pay are Binance, Coinbase and BitPay.

What is Apple Pay Digital Wallet?

Apple Pay is one eponymous mobile payment system and e-wallet from Apple Corporation, built on contactless payment technology. This system is an innovative development of the company, offering a modern solution to pay for almost any kind of goods and services with the help of various devices by means of a contactless connection of the device with a terminal or any other payment reader. It is considered that this application is one of the few outstanding examples of an ideal balance of technology, security, and practicality among all currently existing applications in the market of contactless payment solutions.

In comparison to physical credit or debit cards and prepaid cards, Apple Pay is designed with security and privacy in mind. A number of security features are integrated into the hardware and software of Apple Pay devices in order to ensure the security of transactions. Moreover, Apple Pay requires the installation of a passcode and either Face ID or Touch ID on the device to be used.

Apple Pay technology allows for mutual settlements, supporting multi-currency transactions within any business or service sector. The popularity of Apple products has become the driver for the development of the appropriate infrastructure or software system necessary to work with Apple devices to be able to accept payments in any fiat currency, anywhere in the world and at any time. Moreover, innovative developments in the field of financial security have made it possible to achieve a high level of trust, which is due to the presence of a multifunctional encryption system for all user data processed during the operation of the company’s products, including Apple Pay and electronic Bitcoin wallet.

As of 2023, Apple Pay is the most popular contactless payment solution in the world. It is followed by Google Pay and Samsung Pay in second and third place, respectively.

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What Crypto Platforms Support Purchasing Bitcoin With Apple Pay?

Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, have become commonplace, and the world’s technology IT giants are striving to improve the systems and applications used to ensure the security and convenience of crypto transactions, especially in close cooperation with well-known contactless payment solutions such as Apple Pay.

On the other hand, many crypto exchanges and other players in the crypto market strive to offer all the necessary conditions for the possibility of instant buying BTC with Apple Pay. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.


Today, Binance is the largest and most famous crypto exchange in the world, with an audience of millions of daily trading users. Among the company’s products and services, one can find a myriad of various modern crypto trading solutions that allow one to earn passive income from market movements.

In particular, as reported by the company, from a certain moment on the platform, there is an opportunity to buy Bitcoin and other crypto assets with the help of integrated modules of well-known contactless payment methods using Apple Pay and Google Pay technologies. This allowed the company to expand the boundaries of using payment systems to buy/sell digital assets using Bitcoin wallet addresses. It also helped to increase the flow of new customers, as these systems are currently the most popular payment systems for contactless payments in the world. According to the information portal study, Apple Pay has almost 44 million active users, while Google Pay has 25 million.


No less famous crypto platform, Coinbase is on the list of the most popular solutions where you can buy Bitcoin using Apple Pay technology. The platform offers all modern tools for trading, as well as full support for other important applications that provide convenience and comfort when working with crypto transactions, including those based on Bitcoin solutions.

In addition to this, this platform also offers the ability to buy Bitcoin with Google Pay, offering the same functionality as in the case of Apple Pay. Thanks to this, users have a convenient way to buy assets within a secure and fast payment processor. Moreover, due to the functionality of this platform, users have the option to utilise these payment systems within other products and services of the platform.


BitPay is considered to be one of the most experienced in the segment of creating cryptocurrency vaults. Since 2011, it has been working with Bitcoin, issuing prepaid cards supporting cryptocurrencies, and providing processing services for different users. The company has developed a cryptocurrency wallet called Bit Pay. It is a thin client for storing bitcoins and altcoins. It is presented in the format of an application for mobile devices, a browser extension and a PC program.

Working with this platform, users have the opportunity to select Apple Pay to get Bitcoin with an active Apple Pay account or one of the other methods provided by the service. High customisation of the service allows managing all elements of the platform management, and in particular, payment transactions, in accordance with individual preferences and requirements of each user.

What Are the Advantages of Buying Bitcoin with Apple Pay?

Since its appearance, the payment solution for contactless payment has proved to be the best, offering users of all Apple devices a modern, reliable and simple solution not only for everyday shopping but also for working with crypto payments, which in turn is due to the following advantages.

1. Security

The Apple Pay payment method offers the highest level of security for payment transactions, regardless of whether a person wishes to purchase Bitcoin, altcoins or other digital goods. Apple’s advanced developments have allowed the company to apply the latest methods of ensuring the protection of both personal and financial information, which makes it easy and convenient to work with Bitcoin on any platform that supports the technology.

2. Global Coverage

Thanks to the availability of high-performance payment modules and systems developed by Apple, the Apple Pay payment solution has become a popular means of contactless payments, allowing for fast encrypted Apple Pay transactions using any Apple device anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. The global reach of the company’s business made it possible to create conditions thanks to which many merchants on the market began to implement the appropriate infrastructure to be able to accept payment for their goods and services from clients, which allowed them to expand their base and make their user experience even better.

3. Usability

The Apple Pay application is pre-installed firmware on any Apple smartphone as well as other devices, including smartwatches. This automatically saves users from having to search for and install the application themselves, as well as configure it. The Apple Pay payment solution is so simple that you just need to link any credit or debit cards to it or top up the e-wallet itself to be able to buy Bitcoin.


Apple Pay solution is one of the most popular payment methods on the market allowing not only to pay for everyday purchases but also to buy crypto and other digital goods on different platforms, which makes it even more popular, in particular due to the wide popularity of Apple products.

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