How to Accept Stable Coins

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If you’ve ever wondered about how to accept stable coins or how crypto processing works, here’s a brief overview designed to get you off the ground.
So, what exactly are stablecoins? Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency that have their value pegged to another asset, usually fiat currencies such as the US dollar, where one unit of a stablecoin is equal to $1. They were designed to mitigate the volatility of cryptocurrency prices and are normally collateralised. This means the total number of stable coins in circulation is backed by the same value of assets held in reserve. Owners of these tokens are able to exchange them for cash at any time. Tether, the first stable coin, is currently the most popular and has the largest capitalisation among all stable coins. According to Coinmarketcap, Tether (USDt) is ranked 5th of all cryptocurrencies with a capitalisation exceeding $4.1 billion.

Stable coins have become very popular because they reduce a large element of uncertainty for consumers, especially with conversions. Customers can quickly convert from unpegged cryptos to stable coins when they are concerned about which direction the markets are headed, without the requirement to switch back to fiat currency. These conversions are also more likely to be cheaper than when exchanging between crypto and fiat, as it takes the transaction fees of payment processing providers and banks out of the equation.

Hence, accepting stable coins can be very advantageous for merchants who can offer them as an option to customers who want to pay for goods and services in this way. Businesses looking at how to receive stable coins such as Tether, for example, can partner with specialised providers to facilitate the Tether payment process via a cryptocurrency payment gateway, a decentralised payment platform which will allow them to accept USDt transactions.

More About B2BinPay

B2BinPay specialises in B2B payment processing and can offer solutions to a multitude of businesses looking to find a blockchain payment processor. Anyone who wants to know how to accept cryptocurrency payments, can rest assured that B2BinPay is one of the most established cryptocurrency payment gateways facilitating blockchain payments. The company has been in the business since the early days when a real need for making a crypto payment first came about. Evidence of the popularity of B2BinPay can be found via a quick search for reviews on the internet which will highlight the huge range of features and benefits on offer.

Accept Stable Coin Payments for Your Business

Accepting stable coin payments on your website enables you to capitalise on their popularity and cater for current demands and future consumers. You can secure your growth by providing a payment service that may not be offered by your competitors, and one which has the trust of your clients. Getting started is a simple procedure and integrating a merchant account couldn’t be easier.

Crypto Processing Provider

B2BinPay is a leading payment provider with solutions for Merchants and Enterprise clients. It enables businesses to send, receive, store, exchange and accept cryptocurrency payments including USDT, USDC, GUSD, PAX and TUSD stablecoins, online, safely, securely and cost-effectively across the world in minutes.

As a leading payment processor, B2BinPay, enables merchants to offer their customers stablecoins and a large range of other cryptocurrencies as a payment option. Features include low processing fees, no recurring fees, no hidden charges, real-time balance/transaction history, downloadable reports and secure checkout.

Enterprise clients are also catered for and are able to receive, store and send a large range of virtual currencies. A secure, reliable and scalable wallet solution from a reputable, industry-leading cryptocurrency payment provider, features include secure API, automatic withdrawals for clients and a sandbox environment for development teams, over 888 coins and tokens supported and advanced real-time reports, together with 24/7 technical support in 7 languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Greek.

Integrating B2BinPay is the ideal business choice for accessing the cryptocurrency markets quickly and facilitating all types of crypto payments. As one of the leading cryptocurrency payment processors, its expanding user-base includes over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges, forex brokers, online stores and a range of other merchants.

If you wish to accept stable coins, set up a cryptocurrency merchant account today and introduce a crypto payment solution that will benefit your existing clients, gain you new clients and save on costs. Contact us here!

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