B2BinPay v19, Instant Swaps and Expanding Blockchain Support

B2BinPay v19 is Here, Introducing Instant Swaps and Expanding Blockchain Support

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At B2BinPay, we’re always working hard to make our world-leading blockchain platform better. With our version 19 update, we’re excited to show you just how much we’ve improved! 

V19  brings a range of new features, with a special focus on innovative swaps and the inclusion of additional blockchain support.

Instant Swaps and Competitive Pricing Achieved with VWAP

Swap is a popular and well-favoured method to manage cryptocurrency assets. Unlike traditional exchanges, swaps don’t rely on order books. Instead, it provides direct, immediate transactions between different crypto assets. With B2BinPay, this becomes even more client-focused, as we implemented the VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) tool that lets our system select the best available price from various centralised exchanges based on the transaction volume. 

This means our clients no longer need to compare prices across different exchanges – we do that for you, ensuring you get the most favourable rates for your swaps quickly and effortlessly.

Also, with swaps, we eliminate two blockchain commission costs for the client: the transaction to the centralised exchange and the transaction from the exchange to the B2BinPay wallet, empowering our clients with greater flexibility and affordability in handling their virtual assets.

Clients can access instant swaps through the dedicated Swaps Tab on the front-end menu, complemented by separate wallets.

Instant Swaps and Competitive Pricing Achieved with VWAP

Seamless Transactions & Zero Commission for Top-Ups

In v19, the swap wallet top-up process is customised to different user types. Digital wallet customers will benefit from instant transactions for quick fund transfers, while blockchain wallet owners have on-chain transactions that offer transparency and security through blockchain recording. Note that all top-ups must be made in the wallet’s denominated currency to ensure efficiency. 

Users can experience zero commission when topping up their swap wallets from their B2BinPay accounts, although blockchain wallets will incur a commission for on-chain transactions.

Expanded Blockchain Support with Polygon and Avalanche

Expanded Blockchain Support with Polygon and Avalanche

Our latest update adds support for the Polygon and Avalanche blockchains, widening our stablecoin transaction options to include favourites like USDT, USDC, DAI, FRAX, TUSD, and EUROC on these networks. 

Polygon is famous for its scalability and low transaction fees, making it a popular choice for efficient transactions. Avalanche stands out for its high throughput and rapid processing times, offering a powerful platform for speedy transfers. By bringing these two into the mix, we’re allowing our users to enjoy lower fees and faster transactions.

Final Takeaway

Overall, with version 19 release, our clients have more flexibility: they can settle in their chosen currency (coin, stablecoin, fiat) with digital wallets, access various blockchains and cryptocurrencies through our blockchain wallets, and make instant exchanges with swap wallets. 

This rounds out our offerings, making B2BinPay a one-stop solution for crypto processing. And we’re not stopping there – we’re working on reducing our fees to make our services even more accessible.

It’s all part of our natural progression to keep adapting to the needs of our community and industry. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback about B2BinPay v19!

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