B2BinPay Offers Low-Cost Payment Gateway Solution for Forex Brokers

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Cryptocurrency payments are set to soar even higher this year as industry experts look ahead with high expectations following the recent surge in popularity of crypto payments. The evidence is clear to see with many well-known global online retailers embracing this relatively new method of payment, underscoring their importance today in the business world.

As a borderless, transparent and secure way of conducting transactions, many businesses can reap the benefits of accepting Bitcoin, not least Forex brokerages, who can offer their clients an attractive new payment method.

B2BinPay is now one of the most acknowledged cryptocurrency payment gateways facilitating blockchain payments, with a strong reputation that goes back to early days of when the need for crypto transactions first emerged.

An Industry-Leading Provider of Online Cryptocurrency Payments

B2BinPay is a global cryptocurrency payment solution which enables businesses to send, receive, store, exchange and accept bitcoin payments online, safely, securely and cost-effectively across the world, irrespective of location. Many businesses looking for a secured bitcoin payment gateway have integrated B2BinPay to meet their crypto payment needs. The solution has a wide user-base that includes Forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, hedge funds, online stores and other merchants who use it to process cryptocurrency payments.

The solution is especially popular with Forex brokers who have benefited from offering the facility to their existing clients to enable online crypto payments, and for the purpose of attracting new clients, both with the effect of increasing revenues for the brokerage. Crypto payments are also advantageous as they provide a secure payment mode, along with lower charges than other payment methods such as credit cards which is also a bonus on the client-side.

Solutions for Merchants and Enterprises

B2BinPay offers solutions for both Merchants and Enterprises. With B2BinPay, merchants can offer their clients a vast number of coins as a payment option and includes a comprehensive range of tools and features such as low processing fees, no recurring fees, no hidden charges, real-time balance/transaction history, downloadable reports and secure checkout. Both crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat withdrawal methods are available.

The Enterprise wallet for business solutions helps Enterprise clients receive, store and send a wide range of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Monero. Global transactions between parties are possible for a low percentage of the cost of traditional processing solutions. B2BinPay also offers a range of features with commission rates starting at 0.5% – recognised as one of the lowest fees in the industry. It is a highly sought after solution by Enterprise clients thanks to its high automation and transaction speeds of less than 20 seconds.

Reasons to Choose B2BinPay

Accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is not only straightforward, users can also take advantage of a whole range of features geared up to their specific type of business:

✔Enables Global Cryptocurrency Transactions
✔Account Types for Merchants & Enterprises
✔Ideal for Forex Brokers
✔Lowest Industry Fees
✔Ability to Convert Cryptocurrencies
✔Crypto-Crypto and Crypto-Fiat Withdrawals
✔Over 888 Coins, Tokens and Stable Coins Available

B2BinPay provides access to the cryptocurrency markets quickly and easily by facilitating crypto payments to everyone across the globe, wherever they are located.
Forex brokers can elevate their business (and their revenues!) with immediate effect as set up and integration of the B2BinPay crypto platform is feasible in under one hour via a single bitcoin API.

Contact B2BinPay today and offer your clients a low-cost solution that has become the number one Forex payment gateway in the market today.

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