B2BinPay as a multifunctional option for crypto payments

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Crypto payments have separated merchants into several groups. Conservators are those who stake on fiat currencies and lose opportunities. Business owners who embrace innovations enjoy the benefits they get after accepting digital assets as a payment method. The third group is the largest one containing merchants who want to join the trend but are afraid of potential hurdles relating to the implementation of crypto payments.

Lack of knowledge is the most notable issue within the industry and advanced solutions are geared towards destroying existing barriers, making crypto payments easy and accessible for every business owner. Such a mission is outlined among the key objectives of B2BinPay, a leading crypto gateway.

This next-level solution simplifies crypto payments for business. What are the main advantages for merchants and enterprises?

Bitcoin is not the only option

Bitcoin dominates the crypto market (42.3% of the overall industry’s capitalization), and the same situation takes place with crypto payments. 92.05% of crypto-friendly businesses accept BTC as a payment option. Some newer merchants connect Bitcoin payment APIs, understanding this step enough to follow a progressive course.

Imagine a situation when a customer holds Bitcoin as a long-term investment, waiting for its next “to-the-moon” run. He/she prefers to use USDT, Dogecoin, or Monero to purchase goods and services. With Bitcoin only as a payment option, you would have lost such a customer.

B2BinPay is a solution that drives your business forward – the processor supports more than 800 cryptocurrencies, including top-rated coins, stablecoins, and tokens. You can make your company the most crypto-progressive one.

Withdrawal Vs Holding

It may sound strange but B2BinPay is a perfect fit for business owners who are afraid of accepting crypto payments. How is it possible?

Merchants get two possible options to choose from – either to receive digital currencies on a secure wallet or to convert crypto funds into fiat ones instantly. The second option gives merchants complete protection from volatility and other risks. Business owners inscribe their bank accounts and preferred fiat currency – when a customer purchases goods or services, cryptocurrencies are automatically converted into EUR, USD, GBP, etc., and deposited to a bank account.

Crypto-progressive merchants enjoy one more advantage of B2BinPay – secure wallets where they may hold, send, receive, and even exchange digital currencies. As for the market volatility, stablecoins solve this problem very effectively.

All-in-one solution

How to process crypto payments? Many merchants are convinced this process is rather complicated but this is a myth that slows their progress down. B2BinPay offers an all-in-solution where experts are responsible for all the setup and connection of APIs, while business owners are left to enjoy the results.Until 2021 this solution had been included in the top-3 best crypto payment providers globally. The year 2021 was a huge accomplishment for B2BinPay – Finance Magnates awarded this crypto payment gateway the best solution to accept digital currencies.

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