B2BinPay Allows Businesses to Accept Bitcoin and Other Crypto Payments

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Accept Bitcoin and Other Crypto Coins with B2BinPay

Businesses are always looking to add additional payment methods to offer their customers and B2BinPay is an ideal solution. B2BinPay provides a cost-effective way to send, store and exchange cryptocurrency payments.

Crypto Payments Are Becoming More Acceptable

The number of businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments has risen in recent years which has resulted in an increase in the demand for and development of crypto payment solutions to cater for this need. Businesses accepting crypto payments can gain a number of advantages from doing so and is an ideal way to expand the payment methods they offer their customers.

Crypto payments are free of the stringent regulations of the central banks and government. In addition, after a crypto payment is processed, it is not possible to reverse the transaction. Furthermore, they have the added advantages of no chargebacks, as well as being safer and less subject to fraud than the traditional methods of payment.

B2BinPay is one of the main providers in this sphere, offering a comprehensive service to enable global blockchain payments.

About B2BinPay

B2BinPay is designed to facilitate global crypto payments allowing businesses to receive, send, store and exchange cryptocurrency payments online, securely and at a fraction of the cost.

B2BinPay is the chosen cryptocurrency payment solution for many brokerages, cryptocurrency exchanges, hedge funds, online stores and other merchants.

How Does It Work?

B2BinPay enables secure global transactions between parties at a reduced cost when compared with conventional online payment gateways. The solution also offers a high degree of automation and higher transaction speeds compared with analogue payments which can take several days.

Choosing B2BinPay

Choosing B2BinPay is undoubtedly a cost-effective business decision. As well as being a major provider of blockchain payments, the company is able to offer a low commission rate of 0.5%, among the lowest fees around.

With B2BinPay there are two risk management models: Cryto/Crypto and Crypto/Fiat. If a customer pays in crypto, you receive crypto in your wallet. With the second model, you receive fiat currency in your balance if a client pays in crypto.

The solution also offers advanced reports with complete transaction history and secure API. In addition, there is a daily payout service with 24/7 technical support in English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Greek.

B2BinPay is powered by B2Broker, a world-leading liquidity and technology provider.

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