10 Reasons to Add Crypto To Your Investment Strategy.

10 Reasons to Add Crypto To Your Investment Strategy

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If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve with your financial wealth, having a firm grasp on your investment skills is the way to go. In today’s business world, numerous opportunities exist to create wealth, even with moderate financial investments. While many believe investing in the money, stock, or forex markets is a waste of time and money, intelligent investment decisions could transform your modest savings into a sizable pool of assets that keeps growing even when you sleep. 

Today, we will discuss one of the most underrated and infamous investment segments – Crypto. Over the years, there has been enough evidence that the Crypto industry is not particularly stable and reliable for aspiring investors. However, history tells us that even a volatile sector like Crypto should be noticed and, with enough insight, could prove to be a goldmine. As of 2023, Crypto has accumulated significant benefits under its wing to warrant consideration when investing. Let’s jump right in. 

#1 – Freedom, Freedom, and Freedom

Let us start with the obvious – Crypto provides unprecedented freedom to its users. From the very inception of Crypto, it was described as an independent alternative to Fiat currency, and this powerful promise remains true to this day. Crypto’s decentralized and anonymous nature ensures that your transactions are completely self-sustained. 

No third parties get involved in your personal money decisions and purchases. This unparalleled sense of independence has been sorely missing in the Fiat market for quite some time. With large banks and regulatory bodies becoming more involved, numerous parties view, monitor, and control Fiat transactions

While this supports safety against criminal activities around the globe, we have lost any semblance of privacy and freedom in the process. On the contrary, Crypto enables its customers to transact freely and directly with each other. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Crypto is more secure and faster than Fiat solutions, making it an attractive alternative to cross-border businesses
  2. Blockchain technology ensures that transactions are conducted without involving outside parties. 

#2 – Security and Speed

Coming close second to the freedom of choice, we have Crypto’s air-tight security and sheer speed of transactions. These two aspects make Crypto transactions much more practical and handy for cross-border businesses than traditional Fiat. To further emphasize this point, let us examine a simple use case: 

Use Case – How Crypto could accelerate your business.

Imagine company A that deals internationally with various vendors and customers. Company A has used Fiat as its primary means of payment receipts and disbursements for the longest time. With Fiat, every transaction took several days to go through. On many occasions, company A lost its window of opportunity to purchase inventory at low costs or acquire equipment at favorable prices due to a lack of liquidity. 

Lately, company A has decided to add Crypto to its payment mechanism. Now, company A receives and distributes funds in a matter of minutes. Sometimes it might take an hour, but it is still leaps and bounds above Fiat’s 5-business day waiting period. Additionally, company A enjoys unrivaled security, as Crypto payments are encrypted with state-of-the-art Cryptography methods. 

With our small use case above, it is easy to see why numerous companies worldwide would prefer Crypto as their primary transaction means. And since the industry is becoming less volatile every year, many businesses have started to explore this opportunity more seriously. This trend naturally increases the investment value of Crypto. 

#3 – Potentially Lucrative Returns 

Now this is a tricky one to explain. It is no secret that the Crypto landscape (including the NFT and Metaverse segments) has been far from stable in the last few years. Numerous empty promises from questionable creators and companies also tainted Crypto. Many Cryptos promised colossal returns on investment, and many have failed quite significantly. Thus, the general view today is that the Crypto industry cannot provide those monumental profits. 

However, we implore you to look past the Crypto bubble of the 2020-2022 period. Now that the dust has settled, Crypto has returned to its roots and continues its rapid growth. It is important to understand that this industry is impressively young, barely entering its teen stage. 

Thus, there are numerous opportunities for growth in the near future. Experts believe that the biggest Crypto companies of the future have yet to be founded. So, 2023 is a great time to explore the industry and enter the market before its inevitable growth spurt.

Key Takeaways

  1. The crypto market could repeat the footsteps of the 1980s computer revolution. We may be nearing a significant milestone in Blockchain progress, which could present lucrative opportunities for investors. 
  2. The crypto industry is still clearly a blue ocean and far from being saturated. This means that numerous Crypto startups of today could turn into global corporations soon and yield gigantic returns for their early investors.

# 4 – The Promising Upside of Crypto

Now, let us examine a broader picture of the Crypto industry. The underlying technology that makes Crypto happen is genuinely a fascinating one. There are numerous utilities and potential uses for Blockchain technology that we haven’t even considered yet. While Crypto has already introduced a myriad of improvements over Fiat, the best is certainly not behind us. 

Industry specialists and creators believe that we have only entered the first stage of Blockchain dominance, and the Crypto industry is still firmly in its infancy. For potential investors, this could signal colossal future benefits, as Crypto could repeat the historic feat of the 1970s-to-1980s technology revolution

In the late 20th century, we witnessed the creation of numerous tech startups that started modestly at first. Microsoft and Apple both began in a garage. However, in just a few years, both companies swiftly reached a billion-dollar milestone. In hindsight, it’s easy to think that you would invest in those startups, but let us remember that most of the public was skeptical. 

Those who saw the potential of personal computers received millions of dollars as investment returns. While it is not guaranteed that Crypto will repeat this iconic example, there are signs that we might be headed into a similar situation. 

#5 – Crypto Landscape is Still a Blue Ocean

Due to the global boom and popularity of Crypto technology, many investors falsely perceive Crypto as a saturated market. It’s easy to imagine that this industry has become a red ocean in several years. After all, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether are dominating the market and taking up all the space, while smaller Cryptos are fighting for leftovers. While this notion seems logical, it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

In fact, even the biggest names in Crypto are susceptible to major changes, and the market itself remains unpredictable. There are no sure bets here, which might be bad for the price stability in the market, but it also signals that Crypto is still very much a blue ocean. 

Now, what is a blue ocean, exactly?

The term Blue Ocean is used to describe the level of saturation in a given market. For example, the Fiat industry is not a blue ocean since there are established players in the market, and a new currency would have a tough time acquiring a piece of the market. On the contrary, Crypto is definitely a blue ocean, presenting ample opportunities for newcomers to enter the market and even challenge the leaders. 

Since newcomers still have a fair chance to shine in this market, your Crypto investment might yield colossal profits. Now, there’s always a risk that a promising newcomer can turn out to be a disappointment, but with enough experience and practice, Crypto investors have become adept at identifying “Lemon” Cryptos. 

#6 – Generous Options that Keep Expanding

One of the most inviting features of Crypto is that there are unique options to invest in the market. Unlike the Fiat currency, different Crypto brands offer various benefits. Their utility and value go beyond the simple exchange price and stability. For example, Ethereum offers continuous upgrades to its network, increasing speed, transparency, and the ability to create decentralized applications

Most established Crypto companies always try to harness the Blockchain capabilities further and offer unique benefits. Additionally, industry newcomers frequently introduce brand-new benefits that enrich their Cryptocurrency value. Thus, the market presents wildly different opportunities to invest, increasing the likelihood of high returns. 

#7 – The Rule of Diversification 

Now, let us dive into a broader benefit of adding Crypto to your investment portfolio. Regarding being a diligent investor, one rule has remained unchanged throughout the centuries – diversification is the key! Putting your eggs in different baskets is always wise since even the most reliable investments could implode in our modern economy. While Fiat is the more reliable option, investing in Crypto could give you a much-needed safety net in the long run. 

The concept here is simple – putting a part of your funds in Crypto can arm your portfolio with an additional safeguard. After all, experienced investors always try to cover all possible scenarios. This strategy helps the top investors to mitigate risks and be prepared for varying outcomes in the near timeline. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Global organizations like Disney and Apple actively invest in Blockchain technology, facilitating market stability. 
  2. Several new startups and rising-star Crypto companies are developing Blockchain technology, presenting lucrative opportunities for investors to enter from the ground floor.

#8 – Industry Leaders Support Crypto 

One of the most exciting green flags for Crypto is global corporations’ recent spike of interest. Giant companies like Disney, Amazon, Apple, and Nike have already warmed up to Crypto and Blockchain. As of 2023, these brands are actively adopting Crypto payments and Blockchain technology into their digital ecosystems.  

This is naturally a big deal for the Crypto world. Gaining the support and following of such global names can go a long way toward stabilizing the industry and ensuring the general public that Crypto is here to stay. The same goes for aspiring investors that were previously too cautious to dabble in the Crypto landscape. 

While the global market is free and every participant makes their own choice, most players follow in established players’ footsteps. Therefore, hearing such colossal brand names in the same sentence as Crypto adoption is a much-needed confirmation that this industry will keep growing and expanding.

#9 – Blockchain is the Future of Global Business

While Crypto is the most popular product of Blockchain, this disruptive technology has a bright future in general. Many industry-leading companies have become interested in smart contracts and the decentralized Internet of Web 3.0. These tech innovations have yet to capitalize on their potential. But how does this relate to the upside of Cryptocurrencies? It’s simple – most Blockchain technologies are tied to a particular Crypto, for example, Bitcoin or Ether. 

Moreover, many startups utilize their coin offerings to finance their Blockchain innovation efforts. Thus, Blockchain technology’s progress is tied up with respective Cryptos, making it easy to invest in your favorite startups. 

While Crypto startups have acquired a tainted reputation throughout the years, 2023 witnessed an inflow of technology-oriented companies that avoid empty promises. Today, the Crypto market has reached an unprecedented level of maturity when it comes to averting hype and looking further into the future. 

So, suppose a particular Blockchain-oriented startup has caught your eye with its innovative offerings. In that case, chances are you will swiftly acquire their coin and become a legitimate backer of their efforts. And if these startups follow their roadmap responsibly, the sky’s the limit! 

#10 – It’s Easy to Get Started

 Last but not least, we must mention how seamless it is to enter the Crypto scene. Not long ago, becoming a Crypto owner was associated with numerous technical headaches. It was common knowledge that acquiring Crypto was a hassle. In 2023, that is no longer the case, as there are countless ways to create a digital wallet and purchase your first coins. 

This process has become as trivial as signing up for a new email account. This seamless process, however, does not sacrifice the security, anonymity, and safety of Crypto transactions. Today, you get all the perks of Cryptocurrencies seamlessly and without having to become a bona fide smart contract developer. 

To Summarize 

While still in its early teens, the Crypto industry has come a long way. It is not a surprise that investors worldwide aren’t excited about Crypto since the market went through several crippling downturns. However, the Crypto industry has recovered and is quietly gaining momentum again. Like the Dot Com crisis, the initial impact was devastating, but the second wave could finally reach the promised expectations. 

Today, becoming well-versed in the Crypto field as an investor could be one of the best decisions of your investing career. While the volatility risks are still very much present, the industry has become increasingly mature and value-driven. If you are wondering what could be a great way to broaden your investment horizons, Crypto could answer that question convincingly.

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