Top Solana-Based Meme Coins to Track in 2024

10 Best Solana Meme Coins to Watch in 2024

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Solana’s impressive performance continues in the middle of 2024. Its unmatched transaction speed, low fees, and innovative consensus mechanisms have fueled its popularity, pushing its market cap to a new high of just under $80 billion, surpassing its previous record. This strong foundation has made Solana a prime location for new crypto projects to launch and grow. 

One particularly active area is the emergence of meme coins built on the Solana blockchain. These projects are experiencing significant growth, attracting investor interest. In this article, we’ll explore the factors behind Solana’s success and highlight some of the most promising meme coins utilising its technology.

Key Takeaways

  1. Meme coins have become a legitimate crypto niche, establishing their place alongside the most popular altcoins. 
  2. In 2024, meme coin investments have become much more lucrative due to their increased focus on utility. 
  3. Solana blockchain has created a perfect ecosystem for emerging meme coin projects to succeed from the get-go. 
  4. Choosing the right meme coin requires research and due diligence, understanding the utilities and technicalities of each meme coin project. 

Understanding the Meme Coin Cultural Phenomenon

Meme coins, a playful and sometimes nonsensical offshoot of the cryptocurrency world, have exploded in popularity in recent years. These digital assets often feature references to internet jokes or popular culture figures, sparking curiosity and fostering a unique online community. 

However, their rise to prominence goes beyond just a good laugh. Meme coins tap into several key trends that resonate with a new generation of investors, particularly those comfortable with online culture and the inherent volatility of the crypto market.

Firstly, meme coins capitalise on the power of shared cultural experiences. By referencing popular memes or internet personalities, these coins create an instant sense of familiarity and relatability. This fosters a strong sense of community, where investors feel connected by their shared understanding of the meme’s origin and its place in online culture. 

This sense of belonging is particularly attractive in the often-opaque world of traditional finance, drawing in a younger demographic comfortable with online communication and collaboration.

Secondly, meme coins often present themselves as a more lighthearted and accessible alternative to established cryptocurrencies. Their playful nature and often low initial price points remove some of the perceived barriers to entry associated with traditional crypto investments. 

However, the lighthearted facade doesn’t diminish the underlying technology. Many meme coins are built on established blockchains like Ethereum or Solana, leveraging the security and functionality of these platforms. This association allows meme coins to benefit from innovations in the broader crypto space, fostering a sense of legitimacy and potential for future growth.

Why Did Meme Coins Become So Popular?

The meteoric rise of meme coins can be attributed to a confluence of factors beyond just their cultural appeal.  Firstly, The rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit has created powerful online communities where information and trends spread rapidly. 

Meme coins have become a natural fit within this ecosystem, attracting attention through viral campaigns and celebrity endorsements. These endorsements, even if tongue-in-cheek, can significantly boost a meme coin’s profile and attract new investors seeking to capitalise on the hype.

reasons for meme coin popularity

On the other hand, The success of Dogecoin, the first and most well-known meme coin, paved the way for others. Dogecoin’s astronomical rise, driven in part by celebrity tweets and online enthusiasm, demonstrated the potential for rapid growth within the meme coin space. This “get rich quick” mentality, while inherently risky, attracts a new wave of investors hoping to replicate Dogecoin’s success story.

On a more practical side of things, the cryptocurrency market is known for its dramatic price swings. Meme coins, often featuring lower initial prices and smaller market caps, can experience even more extreme volatility. 

This volatility attracts traders seeking high-risk, high-reward opportunities. With a well-timed investment and a bit of luck, meme coins can generate significant returns, further fueling the speculative frenzy surrounding these digital assets.

Emphasis on Community Engagement

One of the defining characteristics of meme coins is their strong emphasis on community engagement. Unlike traditional stocks or bonds, meme coins often foster a vibrant online community where investors connect, share information, and collaborate. This sense of belonging is a key driver of their popularity.

Discord servers, Telegram groups, and Reddit forums dedicated to specific meme coins have become a centre for passionate discussions, coordinated trading strategies, and even the creation of memes themselves. This fosters a sense of shared ownership and purpose, where investors feel like they are actively contributing to the coin’s success.

Social media platforms also play a crucial role in community engagement. Influencers and meme creators can significantly influence the popularity of a meme coin through their endorsements and online presence. This can attract new investors and further strengthen the community, creating a positive feedback loop that fuels the coin’s growth.

Cultural Support and Emphasis on Creativity

The cultural connection and emphasis on creativity are other key factors contributing to the popularity of meme coins. By referencing popular internet culture and leveraging the power of memes, these coins tap into a shared sense of humour and online identity. This resonates with a younger demographic comfortable with online communication and visual storytelling.

The meme-inspired branding and marketing strategies employed by meme coin projects further contribute to their cultural cachet. Engaging and relatable characters, often derived from existing memes, create a sense of familiarity and lightheartedness that traditional financial products often lack. This playful approach can make the world of cryptocurrency more approachable and less intimidating for new investors.

Additionally, the meme coin space fosters a culture of creativity and innovation. Meme coin communities often boast a strong artistic streak, with individuals contributing to the project’s visual identity through memes, fan art, and other creative endeavours. This collaborative spirit strengthens the community bond and contributes to the overall appeal of the project.

The term “meme coin millionaires” has become a buzzword in crypto. The global retail demand rose significantly for meme coins after the stories of becoming an overnight millionaire started emerging actively.

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Most Promising Solana-Based Meme Coins in 2024

With Solana providing one of the most reliable and developer-friendly blockchain ecosystems in the entire industry, numerous meme coins have emerged based on the platform. These meme coins have transcended their surface-level cultural appeal and mostly provide interesting benefits and utilities for their core communities. As the Fear & Greed index continues to hold in the low 70s, each of the meme coins presented below could experience a significant valuation surge from the market price action. 

1. Dogwifhat (WIF)


Following the success of Dogecoin (DOGE) on other blockchains, Dogwifhat (WIF) brings the iconic dog-in-a-hat meme to the Solana network. WIF boasts a strong and active online community, engaging on platforms like Twitter and Discord to generate memes, share project updates, and contribute to lighthearted branding. 

This focus on fun and accessibility, along with the established cultural recognition of the Doge meme, makes WIF an interesting option for investors seeking a lighthearted entry point into Solana’s meme coin scene. However, it’s important to consider that WIF’s success hinges heavily on the continued popularity of the Doge meme and the project’s ability to foster a vibrant and engaged online community.

2. Bonk (BONK)


Unlike other meme coins with a focus on a single meme or mascot, Bonk (BONK) offers a unique proposition as the native token of Solana’s burgeoning meme coin ecosystem. By integrating with various Solana-based meme coin projects, Bonk aims to become the central currency within this vibrant community. This potential for wider adoption, coupled with the overall growth of the Solana meme coin market, makes Bonk a compelling option for investors seeking exposure to this rapidly evolving sector. 

However, the long-term success of Bonk relies heavily on the overall health and growth of the Solana meme coin space. Investors should carefully consider the broader market trends and the ability of the Bonk team to establish strong partnerships with other meme coin projects.

3. Book Of Meme (BOME)

Book of Meme

Book Of Meme (BOME) takes a more creative approach, aiming to build a decentralised library of memes stored on the blockchain. BOME token holders will have governance rights, allowing them to participate in curating this digital meme archive and potentially unlocking future utility for the token. For example, the BOME platform could evolve to integrate features like meme trading, social media sharing functionality, or even educational resources exploring the history and cultural impact of memes. 

This focus on innovation and potential future utility makes BOME an attractive option for investors interested in the intersection of memes, blockchain technology, and digital collectables. However, the long-term success of BOME hinges on its ability to attract a passionate community of meme enthusiasts and develop a robust platform that offers value beyond simply storing memes.

4. Slerf (SLERF)


Taking inspiration from the popular “woman yelling at a cat” meme, Slerf (SLERF) injects a dose of humour into the Solana meme coin landscape. Beyond the lighthearted theme, Slerf boasts a focus on real-world utility. The project plans to develop a decentralised exchange (DEX) specifically catering to meme coins. This potential utility, combined with the established meme’s cultural relevance, makes Slerf an intriguing option for investors seeking a meme coin with a use case beyond speculation. 

However, the success of the Slerf DEX will depend on its ability to attract liquidity and compete with established DEX platforms within the Solana ecosystem. Investors should carefully consider the development roadmap and the team’s experience in building and operating decentralised exchanges.

5. Wen (WEN)


“Wen” is a common phrase in the crypto community, signifying the eager anticipation of a particular event or development. This meme coin taps into this sentiment, fostering a sense of shared community and excitement within the project’s ecosystem. The project roadmap hints at the potential for gamification elements and social features, which could further strengthen the community bond and drive long-term engagement. 

For example, Wen could integrate features like meme-based challenges, NFT collections, or interactive games that reward active community members. This focus on community building and potential future utility presents an interesting opportunity for investors seeking a meme coin that goes beyond simply riding the meme wave. 

However, the success of Wen hinges heavily on the team’s ability to deliver on its development roadmap and create engaging features that keep the community invested in the long term.

6. Popcat (POPCAT)


The adorable Popcat meme, featuring a pixelated cat repeatedly pressing a button, comes to life on Solana with the POPCAT token. This project leverages the meme’s inherent cuteness and potential for virality to build a strong online community. The roadmap hints at plans for gamified experiences and potential integration with popular live-streaming platforms, where viewers could use POPCAT tokens to interact with streamers.

For investors seeking a meme coin with a focus on lighthearted fun and a strong community presence, POPCAT presents an interesting option. However, the long-term success of POPCAT relies on maintaining the meme’s cultural relevance and developing engaging features that keep the community active beyond the initial hype.

7. Smog (SMOG)


Taking a more satirical approach, Smog (SMOG) targets the environmental concerns sometimes associated with cryptocurrency mining. The project utilises the “coughing Pepe” meme, a popular image within crypto communities, to inject humour into this ongoing debate. 

While the meme itself holds cultural relevance within crypto circles, Smog’s long-term success hinges on its ability to build a strong community and navigate the potentially volatile nature of meme-based humour. Investors seeking a meme coin with a unique satirical edge should carefully consider the project’s development roadmap and its ability to foster a dedicated community.

8. Jeo Boden

Jeo Boden

The ever-evolving world of meme coins has welcomed a new player: Jeo Boden, a Solana-based meme coin playfully referencing the acting president of the United States. Jeo Boden exemplifies the power of meme culture in driving cryptocurrency interest. Unlike some meme coins that boast utility or unique features, Jeo Boden relies solely on its meme-centric identity.

Despite lacking a specific use case, Jeo Boden has defied expectations by experiencing significant growth that exceeds the broader crypto market’s current trajectory. This unexpected success highlights the unpredictable nature of meme coins and their ability to capture investor attention based purely on cultural relevance and online buzz. 

While Jeo Boden is experiencing fluctuations in the current period, the upcoming bull run could reverse the fortune of JB and help climb the market cap rankings once again. 



The burgeoning Solana meme coin scene welcomes another contender: PENG. Despite its recent launch, PENG has garnered significant attention and amassed an impressive market cap of $24 million, leveraging the power and efficiency of the Solana network.

However, PENG’s trajectory has taken an interesting turn. Initially conceived as a lighthearted meme coin, the project’s creative team has strategically shifted its focus towards developing payment functionalities and other utility-driven features. While this move may have taken PENG off the top crypto lists for now, it signifies the team’s commitment to building long-term value beyond the fleeting nature of meme trends.

10. DUKO


DUKO, the latest addition to the pack of trending Solana meme coins, sets itself apart with a market cap of $27 million and a focus on charitable giving. This dog-themed project takes a creative approach, aiming to simplify the process of contributing to canine welfare around the world.

DUKO leverages the power of meme culture and the undeniable love for dogs to foster a passionate global community. This community can easily contribute funds directly through the DUKO token, eliminating potential barriers associated with traditional charitable giving. This innovative approach has garnered significant interest from dog lovers worldwide, propelling DUKO’s growth and establishing it as a strong contender within the Solana meme coin space.

Closing Remarks – The Exciting Meme Coin Landscape

The selection of top Solana meme coins in the current field is quite expansive and diverse. In 2024, meme coins are no longer content with their roles as lighthearted projects with no tangible value. Today, most meme coin projects incorporate value and utility in their roadmaps. 

As a result, meme coin investments have become much more lucrative compared to the previous decade, where only Dogecoin dominated the niche. However, before you make a commitment to any single coin, comparing Solana meme coins is critical. Each of the emerging projects mentioned above has its unique advantages and details to consider. So, if you wish to earn substantial profits by purchasing and selling meme coins high on the market, get ready to conduct lots of due diligence and market research! 

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