B2BinPay Explores Athletic Club in Spain’s Football Legacy
The B2BinPay team, led by CEO Arthur Azizov, CCO Eugenia Mykuliak, and CDO John Murillo, had the chance to visit Athletic Club in Bilbao, Spain. From witnessing the rich history of the club at its museum to cheering on the team at San Mamés Stadium, it was a day full of exciting experiences that made the official partnership between Athletic Club and B2BinPa
¿Qué es el Procesamiento de Criptomonedas y Cómo Comenzar a Usar Criptopagos?
A los asistentes del seminario web se les presentó una descripción general completa de los pagos con criptomonedas, comenzando con una descripción de los diversos modelos de procesamiento disponibles.
B2BinPay at The Biggest Events of The Year
B2BinPay is a top-rated, international payment processing company. In this video, we report on our team attendance at some of the biggest events in the world this fall. From fintech conferences to trade shows, B2BinPay is there to provide everyone with the best cryptocurrency payment processing services possible.
Forex Expo 2022 | Key Components of the Forex Broker Turnkey
In this video, B2Broker's Head of Global Business Development, Andrew Matushkin, discusses the concept of a turnkey Forex brokerage solution and touches on all the critical components that a good turnkey brokerage should have. Andrew also explains why B2Broker is the best choice on the market and highlights B2Broker's unique products that can help set your b
Teaser | Our Video Report from iFX Expo Cyprus 2022 is Coming Soon!
Hi everyone, this is just a quick teaser to let you know that our full video report from iFX Expo Cyprus 2022 will be coming very soon! We had a blast and we caught all the best bits on camera, so stay tuned for our full report which will be packed with interviews, insights and behind-the-scenes footage. In the meantime, make sure you subscribe to our channe
iFX Asia 2022 | Liquidity in APAC and Beyond
B2Broker's Chief Dealing Officer, John Murillo, participated in a panel discussion on liquidity in APAC at the recent iFX Asia conference in Bangkok. Five other industry experts joined him on stage, sharing their thoughts on the current state of Asia-Pacific liquidity and how it affects businesses across the region.
iFX Asia 2022 | Building FX and Crypto Ecosystem
iFX Asia 2022 | Building FX and Crypto Ecosystem
Two prominent B2Broker experts from Hong Kong, Steve Chow and David Chan, recently gave a keynote speech on building a Forex and crypto ecosystem at iFX Asia 2022. They discussed how to create an infrastructure that would be attractive to both retail and institutional investors and shared their thoughts on the current state of the market. They also discussed
iFX Asia 2022 | Trading Platforms White Labels. Benefits and Challenges
iFX Asia 2022 | Trading Platforms White Labels. Benefits and Challenges
Do you want to know more about white-label trading platforms? Watch this keynote speech by a B2Broker expert and learn everything you need to know. This video is essential viewing for anyone looking to get into the Forex or crypto market, so don't miss out!

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