What is The Largest Blockchain Event In The World?

What is The Largest Blockchain Event In The World?

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Blockchain and crypto events are the lifeblood of innovation and progress in the blockchain landscape. They support the sturdy and steady growth of this innovative technology globally. Leading minds, company decision-makers, and other blockchain enthusiasts gather worldwide to share their knowledge and contribute to advancing blockchain technology. 

Crypto conferences and similar events are the backbone of many successful strides toward technological progress, and today we will discuss the biggest ones worldwide. 

Key Takeaways

  1. There are numerous blockchain events taking place all over the globe. They aim to unite promising blockchain entrepreneurs and companies under the same roof.
  2. Blockchain events and summits focus on different topics, like forex, iGaming, NFTs, Web 3.0 and general economic conditions. 
  3. The blockchain events allow aspiring companies and individuals to network, build partnerships, and get acquainted with the latest blockchain news and developments.

The State of Blockchain and Crypto in 2023

There are several leaders in the fascinating field of blockchain events. Bitcoin Miami is an undisputed leader if you’re looking for the newest breakthroughs and developments or simply Bitcoin education, while if Web 3.0 catches your eye, the Web 3.0 Conference in the Netherlands will satisfy your interests. 

And the list goes on! The events within the blockchain landscape are as diverse as the market itself, and it depends on your specific interests. 

However, several conferences tackle the general development of blockchain and its influence on global commerce, like the blockchain economy summit. The choices are plentiful here, and the recent uprising of digital communications lets blockchain enthusiasts worldwide attend or stream virtually any crypto event they desire. 

So, the doors of discussion and debate have never been wider in the global crypto environment, and we are here to highlight the most interesting ones as of 2023. But first, let us answer a simple question – how did the blockchain world become so prevalent and essential in the global digital environment? 

The Uprise of Blockchain Industry

The crypto industry was not always such a fundamental pillar of digital progress. The crypto and blockchain collapse in the past years has contributed to its uneven reputation across countries. Many individuals associated blockchain with questionable companies that intended to make quick profits and disappear from the market. 

However, the recent efforts to revitalize the blockchain landscape have yielded impressive results. As of half-year 2023, we have numerous blockchain entrepreneurs pushing for the actual value of crypto, actively abolishing any malicious practices on the market and concentrating on the limitless possibilities of the core technology. 

As with any other massive market, the crypto and blockchain industry needs a steady presence of bright minds, diligent investors, and other market leaders to prosper gradually. And now that the dust has settled with the crypto boom and swift downturn, this industry is on an upward spike thanks to numerous blockchain creators leading the way.

Biggest Blockchain and Crypto Events in 2023

While there were only a handful of small-scale conferences and events related to blockchain in the 2010s, the current year paints a much different picture. As of 2023, hundreds of well-organized, value-driven blockchain events feature big corporations and market-leading crypto creators coming together to discuss their latest findings and achievements. 

While there have been numerous blockchain-related events in the past years, the mood and competency of these conferences have shifted dramatically. As discussed, the crypto world went through a significant downturn in the last two years, making quick profits virtually impossible within the crypto, blockchain, and NFT markets. 

While downturns are never good news, they often help the surging industries to get rid of unwanted hype and malicious participants. This is exactly the case with crypto, as hype-driven and questionable creators have been replaced with diligent, value-oriented thought leaders and responsible crypto companies. 

Now that we have explored and pinpointed the value and significance of the blockchain conferences, let us recount some of the most valuable past events you can attend soon.

European Blockchain Convention

EBC is by far the most influential blockchain event on the European continent. This massive blockchain conference features 200+ speakers that tackle a variety of crypto and blockchain topics. With a spacious capacity of 2500+ attendees and virtually limitless digital spots, EBC accommodates any interested participants that want to track leading blockchain developments. 

EBC is also a perfect option for newcomers and expert blockchain entrepreneurs. For newcomers, there are numerous topics regarding crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and Web 3.0 industries. These discussion points are easy to understand and don’t require too much technical expertise. 

For experts, this summit offers detailed information on the latest achievements in the European blockchain market. From the highly technical advancements and their economic influence to the implications of upcoming blockchain technologies, EBC offers a complete package for almost anyone who wants to keep their eye on all things blockchain. 

Blockchain Economy London Summit

Great Britain has become one of the largest adopters of blockchain technology in recent years. Numerous networking events are happening around London in the upcoming months, but our undisputed champions are BEL, ICE, and FMLS events. 

The Blockchain Economy London Summit (BEL) is the largest crypto gathering in the UK. With 3000+ attendees and numerous blockchain experts from 65+ countries, the BEL summit covers a lot of blockchain ground in its two-day event. Much like EBC, this conference addresses the most exciting developments in the blockchain landscape. 

BEL gives leading minds and creators worldwide the stage to present their latest technologies, methodologies, and general ideas regarding blockchain. This exponentially rising diversity enables numerous talented and promising individuals to come together and discuss the future of “blockchain life.” 

Therefore, aside from the prominent perk of introducing crypto advancements, BEL acts as one of Europe’s most significant networking events, creating opportunities for talented entrepreneurs to form potentially lucrative and promising partnerships swiftly.

ICE London Summit

Coming in as a close second to the BEL conference, the ICE London summit houses one of the world’s biggest iGaming and gambling conferences. With 40,000+ individuals coming together to discuss the latest blockchain disruptions in the iGaming sector, ICE is one of the building blocks of successful digital gaming powered by blockchain. 

It is not a secret that iGaming and blockchain technology go hand in hand, letting companies create a perfect service for their customers worldwide. Since the iGaming industry features a lot of cash flow and asset acquisition from customers, safety is of utmost importance. 

After all, no individual wants to engage with an iGaming platform that has a risk of fraud and displacement. Therefore, blockchain technology is a perfect solution for this sector. ICE London summit enables iGaming companies worldwide to unite and construct new ways to secure their customers’ assets. 

Finance Magnates London Summit

Next we have the FMLS event, also taking place in London and serving the betterment of the FX and cryptocurrency markets in the European region. FMLS represents one of the most highly regarded and respected summits when it comes to talking about foreign exchange crypto markets and the overall financial implications of crypto. 

Numerous high-profile companies and market leaders attend this conference to catch up on the latest news, technological progress, and political and economic developments in the crypto landscape. FMLS is also a place where partnerships and joint ventures are conceived. With a robust selection of decision-makers attending the conference, the networking opportunities are virtually endless! 

IFX Expo Dubai

Thus far, we have omitted one of the biggest segments in the blockchain environment – the cryptocurrency exchange market. Much like the fiat industry, crypto FX is a prominent pillar of the cryptocurrency market, letting the entire exchange landscape thrive without liquidity and trading roadblocks. 

IFX Expo Dubai serves as one of the biggest summits for this invaluable sector. Going even further than just networking and having great discussions, IFX actively supports its participants to partner up in various FX ventures. 

As we all know, having a broad reach and ample resources through an extensive network is vital if you plan to operate a successful FX business. With such diverse networks, IFX facilitates numerous partnerships each year and will continue to do so. 

Moreover, IFX Dubai delivers all the relevant news and information regarding FX developments. Since the crypto market is highly volatile and susceptible to tectonic changes, the FX sector needs to continuously progress and introduce new measures to control the chaos of crypto. IFX Dubai effectively serves as the cornerstone of this progress in the FX field. 

Blockchain Economy Dubai (BED) Summit 

Like the BEL summit, the BED event accommodates blockchain enthusiasts across the Middle Eastern Asia territory. Serving as a point of connection for 85+ sovereign nations, BED provides all the crypto updates, discussions, and related events for interested parties. 

This massive conference houses 3000+ in-person guests and many more through their digital streams. BED supports the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency across the Middle Eastern territories, helping various companies and entrepreneurs to come together and discuss the bright future of crypto. 

Aside from potential partnerships and pertinent discussions, the Dubai blockchain economy summit is a great way to simply understand the current political and economic state of crypto in the Middle Eastern region. The talented and highly decorated speakers of BED break down the complex variables of the crypto world in simple terms and offer fascinating insights on the implications of new developments. 

Diversity in Crypto: Blockchain Africa Conference

Hosted by Bitcoin events, BAC is an unparalleled leader of crypto conferences in the African region. BAC supports numerous entrepreneurs and companies operating in Africa by putting their findings, achievements, and thoughts in the global spotlight. 

With more than 9,000 attendees, BAC hosts one of the largest crypto networking events in the world. Here we see aspiring entrepreneurs, creators, and companies gathering from 160 countries worldwide. 

BAC conference has three distinct goals each year – provide clear and concise updates on the crypto landscape, deliver relevant information to stakeholders from different countries, and create ample opportunities for networking. 

Each year, BAC has succeeded more and more, growing its community and attracting new investors to the African region. BAC’s past events have inspired numerous other entities across the African continent, building a strong foundation for a bright future. 

Importance Of Blockchain Knowledge Globalization 

As we have recounted some of the most interesting, value-driven, and fascinating expos and events in the blockchain landscape, it is time to address the importance of spreading blockchain knowledge. This young industry has seen many ups and downs. From massive hypes to crippling downturns, the industry experienced its fair share of trials and tribulations. 

As of 2023, blockchain is finally on the steady comeback track, with numerous creators and companies striving to establish a reliable and thriving industry. However, the road is still long and potentially filled with numerous pitfalls. That is where blockchain education comes in, spreading the word about this promising and ambitious methodology. 

With enough attention and information, blockchain has a chance to enrich its market with new creative minds, aspiring entrepreneurs, and startup companies that will help in moving the industry forward. As with any other market, the key here is to educate the public on the massive blockchain potential and let the talent shine with creativity. 

The above-discussed conferences serve that purpose first and foremost – to invite the brightest minds and give them a chance to introduce their innovative blockchain ideas to the public. Furthermore, these expos offer ample chances for networking and partnerships. After all, this industry is highly digital, and having sturdy cross-border relationships will be mutually beneficial for many companies. 

Lastly, these events are a great opportunity to popularize blockchain in the general public eye. As of today, the crypto market suffers from an infamous reputation and lack of stability. That is in no small part due to the public’s skepticism toward investing and trading in this landscape. However, the uprising of professional and international conferences with numerous experts leading the charge could win back the public trust and confidence in the success of crypto.

Final Takeaway 

2023 thus far, has been one of the most successful years in terms of global crypto and blockchain-related summits, with many experienced speakers and investors attending global crypto conferences and sharing their knowledge. If this trend continues, the blockchain landscape stands to acquire many ambitious creators that will move the industry forward at a rapid pace.

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