Top 5 Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

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Facebook and Microsoft are working to create global parallel worlds that transcend our physical reality, and the finest metavirtual coin is a digital asset that might have a good impact on our planet and will most likely enhance crypto payments as a trend.

After Facebook changed its name to Meta, interest in metaverse-focused cryptocurrencies soared. The social media behemoth changed its name from Facebook to something else because it no longer feels that the word refers to more than one thing. Using the prefix “meta” as a prefix for the phrase “meta-universe,” Facebook intends to create shared virtual worlds and communities.

Check out our list below to locate one of the finest 2022 metaverse cryptocurrency coins.

This rating is not intended to provide any kind of investment advice. For educational reasons solely, it has been compiled. Invest just what you can afford to lose in cryptocurrencies, which is a very volatile asset class.

Metaverse Cryptocurrency Rankings: The Best of the Best


This metaverse cryptocurrencies list begins with SAND, a blockchain-based game and metaverse, you may purchase, sell, and bid on different non-fungible token (NFT) assets, such as virtual plots of land.

The Ethereum blockchain serves as the foundation for SAND. Another benefit is that Ethereum is a safe and reliable network. There are certain drawbacks to purchasing Sand, such as the fact that Ethereum is notoriously expensive for customers who wish to conduct transactions on its network.

Decentraland (MANA)

The “virtual social realm” known as Decentraland encompasses everything in the metaworld. In a nutshell, Decentraland, introduced in 2015, is a virtual world designed to look and feel like the real world. It is possible to attend virtual events, participate in games, and exchange digital items on markets in Decentraland.

Decentraland has been compared to Second Life, VRChat, and even Animal Crossing by players who have explored it. In Decentraland, every virtual object belongs to the people who use it. MANA, like SAND, is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and may be used to acquire virtual property.

Metahero (HERO)

Metahero, which began last year, isn’t as popular as Decentraland. Metahero’s amazing and mind-blowing initiative, on the other hand, is drawing a lot of interest in its token, HERO.

Using 3D scanning technology, Metahero builds Ultra HD avatars based on real-world things, including individuals. In other words, Metahero’s primary goal is to digitally virtualize real-world artifacts. NFTs are also made available for these virtual items.

Cryptocurrency market data firm CoinMarketCap claims that Metahero has a functioning public 4K camera in Doha ready to scan. Tokyo, Berlin, New York, and Seoul are among the cities where the scanning cameras will be placed by the team.

To get the most out of Metahero, you’ll need to keep your tokens safe. In order to avoid bankruptcy, HERO is based on the Binance smartchain, which eliminates the need to pay Ethereum gas costs.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

The year is 2620 in the virtual gaming world of Star Atlas. As a citizen of Star Atlas, you are expected to conquer territory, impose your will on the political arena, and accumulate resources, for instance, make crypto payments. Tokens may be earned through participating in cosmic battles and completing quests.

Because of its participation in the game, ATLAS, the primary in-game currency in Star Atlas, is compatible with Solana, and it is for this reason that Solana has earned the reputation of being an “Ethereum killer.” There are no gas costs or scalability problems with this coin, in contrast to Ethereum, which has both.

Digital assets like ships, people, land, and equipment may be purchased using ATLAS. One of the in-game currencies in Star Atlas is POLIS, which is utilized mostly for in-game administration tasks (such as publishing laws and edicts as Star Atlas leader).

Bloktopia (BLOK)

Blocktopia is a virtual skyscraper of 21 floors located in a metaworld named Bloktopia, and it is available for purchase. What is the meaning of the number 21 in this context? That is the Bloktopia team’s dedication to Bitcoin, which has a maximum supply of 21 million units and a maximum value of $1 million. Members of Bloktopia may use this virtual reality tower to create their own avatars, engage with other members, and acquire “real estate” in the metaverse. 
With the help of a simple creative tool, users may develop visuals, games, activities, situations, and other elements for usage in this virtual reality environment. Polygon’s network employs the MATIC token, which Bloktopia uses, and which is worth to be considered as one of metaverse cryptocurrencies to invest in. Transactions may be made quickly and at a lower cost than on Ethereum.

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