10 Best Crypto Signals - The Full Guide to Trade Signals

Best Crypto Signals to Prepare for The Bull Market

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Traders combine their investing strategies with different technical indicators and signals that help them execute the right market order. The process entails identifying, analysing and capitalising on unmissable gains.

Beginner traders rely mostly on professional advice and general knowledge in implementing transactions. On the other hand, experts utilise a comprehensive set of market insights and signals to stay informed about market updates and news.

The unpredictability of virtual currencies makes it overwhelming for a trader to keep up with price fluctuations, blockchain news and technological introductions. 

Therefore, using the best crypto signals allows traders to execute orders timely and accurately. Let’s discuss how crypto signals work and how you can use them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Crypto signals are experts’ recommendations about the best trading options based on market conditions and updates.
  2. Crypto signals providers share trading strategies and opportunities over online communities, such as Discord or Telegram.
  3. Trading signals entail buying or selling a specific asset at a particular price to capitalise on opportunities to make money.
  4. Finding and validating a crypto signal channel is required due to the increasing instances of fraud schemes that offer guaranteed returns or free services. 

Preparing for The Bull Market

If you have been trading cryptos, you might have heard about the recent growth in virtual currencies, especially in Bitcoin and top cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum reached new yearly highs at the end of last year, and the trend is continuing in 2024 with expanding market capitalisation for most crypto coins and tokens.

This growth was triggered by a series of financial factors associated with the regulated market, such as the increasing Fed interest rates and the anticipation for the SEC to approve the Bitcoin spot ETF trading. 

Major investment firms in the US, such as Fidelity and BlackRock, submitted an application to enlist BTC ETF spot trading. Unlike previous applications, this one was not rejected on point, causing investors to believe that approval is coming on the horizon.

Another factor contributing to the potential crypto growth is the Bitcoin halving event taking place on April 2024, an event that has always accompanied an overall market surge.

These factors, besides the growing BTC and ETH prices, lead to the belief that a crypto bull market is coming soon. The best way to capitalise on the bull market is to utilise the calm before the storm and prepare your trading strategy with vital crypto trading signals to land the most lucrative deals.

what is bull market

What is a Crypto Signal?

Crypto signals are recommendations for a certain market activity based on various factors and inputs and utilising a sophisticated fundamental and technical analysis. Professional traders produce those signals, suggesting the traders execute a particular trade with a certain price and order type.

These recommendations are produced by market experts who conduct thorough research and analysis on market movements and recent updates, suggesting the best investment action to capitalise on profitable trades.

The rise of automated trading and technology found its way into crypto trading signals, which use complex algorithms and bots to generate recommendations. Automated trading signals analyse big data and incorporate advanced analysis to produce signals way faster than humans.

what are trading signals

Copy trading is a popular trading strategy where a trading expert shares crucial information and updates, utilising their deep market knowledge, especially in cryptos, which require special attention to speculations, trading volume and demand patterns.

Experts communicate these crypto signals on Discord, Telegram, and other online communities, where traders discuss and share investment ideas and strategies.

Most platforms require subscription fees or charges to receive trading signals, and you can rarely find a free crypto signals provider. Moreover, note that fraud might occur in these areas, such as using fake news and suggesting investing in scam schemes or pump-and-dump projects.

copy trading crypto signals

How Crypto Signals Work

Crypto signals are usually communicated on social media platforms and online community channels, which you must join to receive these recommendations. Crypto trading signals usually recommend the following actions.

Buying and Selling

A crypto trading signal is produced based on comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the current and potential market movements, suggesting the type of order you need to execute. 

A signal can either recommend you to long (buy) or short (sell) a cryptocurrency, supported by reasonable rationale and optimum price that will increase your profits.

Asset Selection

Besides suggesting buying or selling, a trading signal recommends the crypto asset or the virtual coins or tokens that provide the best opportunities to make money. Crypto signals can involve major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum or altcoins like Ripple and Cardano.

Asset Price

The crypto signal will also suggest the price at which you need to execute the market order. The recommended asset price might be an exact amount, within a particular range, or above/under a specific amount.

Some signals may require immediate processing at the given price to capitalise on opportunities, especially in the highly volatile crypto market.

Take-Profit/Stop-Loss Level

Some crypto signal channels will recommend you set a take-profit and stop-loss level to avoid unexpected changes, taking into account the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies. 

Nevertheless, crypto signals are produced by professional traders and market participants, which may be incorrect or intentionally misleading. Therefore, setting take-profit and stop-loss will prevent excessively losing your funds.

Why Do You Need Crypto Trading Signals?

The crypto market is highly volatile compared to financial markets, such as Forex, stocks, bonds and commodities. Moreover, virtual currencies are highly speculative, and their prices change according to demand patterns and public perception of these coins. 

Additionally, the demand for cryptos changes according to their use case and developments embedded with these currencies. These factors, with barriers to entry and trade, have seen a plethora of new traders who want to capitalise on great opportunities to make income from the significant growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos over the years.

However, crypto trading requires special attention and analysis to avoid misleading price action and news. Social and copy trading has become increasingly popular for crypto trading, where experts share their trading strategies and plans, suggesting the best course of action in a given market condition.

Therefore, subscribing to a crypto trading signal channel on Discord or other online platforms will keep you informed about market trends and assist you in finessing your trading strategy.

These signals are generated based on analysts’ current and historical price data and market movements, considering the regulatory and adoption rate of cryptos worldwide. However, you need to follow due diligence before subscribing to a signal channel to avoid being a victim of some scam scheme or misleading projects. 

importance of crypto trading signals

How to Respond to a Crypto Signal

Crypto signals are vital to remain ahead of the market and seize valuable insights from expert analysts and traders. Some trading signals may require immediate action to avoid missing valuable opportunities.

Once you have subscribed to a crypto signal trading channel, here’s how you might receive and process signals.

how to use trade signals

Understanding The Signal

Signals usually recommend buying or selling an asset or a crypto coin. These suggestions are accompanied by full details, including price, assets and for how long you need to keep the positions. 

Moreover, some signals state the full reason behind a specific action, providing the market analysis and prediction in the short-term or long-term and possible returns.

Responding to The Signal

After receiving the signal, it is important to quickly comprehend and analyse the course of action it is suggesting. This process involves understanding your position from the suggested trade.

For example, checking if you can afford the recommended order, if you own the crypto coin mentioned in the signal, and for how long you can actually keep your market position.

This process is essential and must be done in a timely manner to avoid missing on market chances.

Executing a Market Order

After receiving and analysing the signal, you may execute a buy or sell order with the suggested price and asset type. Check out if the signal states for how long you need to hold the position and wait for your returns as the market moves.

Choosing the Best Crypto Signals Providers

The crypto scene has seen a rise in fraud projects and scam schemes that suggest investing in void tokens and pump-and-dump projects, known as pig butchering

These projects lure clients with appealing crypto projects and feed them some financial gains to encourage them to invest more before dumping the project and disappearing with their invested money.

Therefore, beware of crypto trading signal channels that offer guaranteed gains for free or provide suspicious coin predictions.

On the other hand, some platforms offer valid crypto daily trade signals with reasonable analysis and course of action. Most of these channels entail fees to join and receive trading signals.

the best crypto trading signal providers

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Signals

Crypto signal channels are critical to making informed decisions, especially if you do not have enough time to research and analyse the market thoroughly. 

Some signal providers specialise in a particular market, asset class, scale or price range. Therefore, you can find some of the best crypto signal providers below.

1. Fat Pig Signals

Fat Pig Signals is a crypto community that was created in 2016, comprising traders and enthusiasts who discussed crypto market updates. Over time, the community grew and established a telegram group of over 43k subscribers.

Members can access crypto signals in free and paid subscriptions, with more detailed and extended trading and management services available in their VIP packages.

2. Binance Killers

Binance Killers is a popular and trustworthy crypto signal provider, with more than 215k members discussing and trading altcoins. This group uses advanced predictive algorithms and systems to generate crypto signals, which makes them stand out from other signal providers.

They provide complete analysis behind Binance futures trading signals and educational material for beginner traders.

Binance Killers was created by three partners, covering three time zones in Miami, New Delhi and Moscow. In 2018, the channel started by providing free trading tips and analyses before turning into a full-fledged signal channel.

Fast Fact

3. WolfxSignals 

This trading signal group concentrates on Forex and crypto market updates and analysis, providing signals in a clear and understandable manner, making it easier for newbies to get along with crypto trading.

Their Telegram group consists of over 160k members, sharing two free crypto trading signals on a weekly basis, with more comprehensive analyses and signals in their paid subscription.

4. Sublime Traders

This group of crypto enthusiasts offers comprehensive crypto trading services, including signals, educational material, trading bots, and other market monitoring services, like stocks and Forex.

Sublime Traders provide crypto signals for spot and futures trading with trading services offered in multiple channels and three packages.

5. CoinCodeCap

CoinCodeCap signal provider was established in 2020 on Telegram, providing beginner-friendly trading signals and analyses with 24/7 support and a platform where members ask questions and share ideas and trading strategies.

The group quickly grew to more than 20k members, with trading signals on NFTs and spot and future cryptos.

6. Jacob Crypto Bury

Jacob Crypto Bury is a crypto trader who shares signals and advice on a Discord channel with over 20k members. The group discusses crypto trading signals, strategy recommendations and competition, which makes it highly valuable for beginners and professionals alike.

Jacob Crypto Bury also provides educational material on Twitter and YouTube.

7. Crypto Inner Circle

This crypto trading channel focuses on crypto signals and market updates to keep its 150k members aware of price movements and news that can affect their trading decisions. 

Members of this Telegram channel discuss daily crypto news, analyses and updates, making it a valuable source of information for new traders.

8. Fed. Russian Insiders

This Telegram group is based in Russia and provides unique trading news and updates stemming from the broad Russian crypto market. It is powered by exclusive access and inside knowledge of the East European market. 

The group consists of over 140k members, including experts who share critical crypto and blockchain updates, news and analyses.

9. Wolf of Trading

Wolf of Trading is a Telegram group that offers real-time market updates and information, allowing their members to make timely decisions and capitalise on growth opportunities.

This crypto signal provider is known for offering bold trading strategies that usually entail high risk/high reward, focusing on short-term gains from market volatility within a group of more than 145k crypto enthusiasts.

10. Wallstreet Queen Official

Wallstreet Queen Official is a unique Telegram group with over 170k members, focusing on empowering female traders to succeed in the trading world. The team includes market experts and analysts who provide valuable insights and signals from the crypto market.

It is a well-respected group that provides data-driven and comprehensive trading strategies, enabling its members to make informed decisions and make reliable income from the crypto market.


Crypto trading signals are critical tools to prepare for the highly-anticipated bull market. Signals consist of recommendations and courses of action produced by experts and shared on online communities, such as Telegram or Discord.

These signals provide suggestions about trading in the crypto market, including the asset class, the recommended order type (buy or sell) and the length of the trading position. Crypto trading signals shorten the trader’s research time, providing timely information in a highly volatile and dynamic market. 

However, there is a huge number of crypto trading signals providers with an increased number of scamming activities. Therefore, ensure you do your research to find the best crypto signals that help you capitalise on market opportunities and grow your portfolio.


How do I prepare for the crypto bull run?

Just like any anticipated bull market, prepare your trading account with the balance you are ready to invest. Research the market to find the most growth potential and subscribe to a reliable crypto signals provider to receive timely updates and trading recommendations.

Which crypto signal is most accurate?

Crypto signals are based on analyses and research and do not guarantee you solid returns. Accuracy may vary between providers. Therefore, you find a reliable signal provider that does not offer guaranteed returns or gives promises that are too good to be true.

Is buying crypto signals worth it?

Crypto trading signals are communicated on online community platforms through free and paid packages. Free groups offer useful insights and signals, while paid subscriptions provide more frequent signals and technical analyses over a wider range of crypto assets and markets. 

Are trading signals reliable?

Trading signals assist you in making data-driven and timely decisions, especially in the highly volatile crypto market. Therefore, receiving trading signals is critical to narrow your research. However, you may conduct additional analyses to ensure you make the right investment.

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