B2BinPay v18 introduces account merge

B2BinPay v18 Introduces Account Merge – Unified Access for All Users

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Not long after the landmark v17 release, B2BinPay continues to forge ahead, bringing even more advancements to our clients. In our ongoing dedication to excellence, we are proud to introduce the v18 release, marking a new era for B2BinPay customers. 

This version introduces a unified account system that merges Merchant and Enterprise models, significantly simplifying the management of cryptocurrency transactions. Complementing this is a completely redesigned frontend and strengthened regulatory adherence, enhancing user experience and ensuring safety.

Let’s go through these exciting changes and learn how they transform your experience with B2BinPay.

Introduction to Account Unification

With the v18 release, the major change comes to B2BinPay’s clients – account unification, a.k.a. Merge, a new philosophy in how we deliver our services.

This update streamlines our platform by combining two business models (Merchant and Enterprise) into one user-friendly interface. Clients now have the flexibility to adjust functionalities to their unique requirements, directly managing their transactions within a single, integrated system. This innovation simplifies operations and places control firmly in the hands of our clients. Here’s a closer look at the benefits this merge provides to our users:

Simplified Account Structure

We’ve updated our account structure by removing the division between Merchant and Enterprise users. Now, a single account grants access to the functionalities of both wallet types. This also simplifies the registration process, letting clients effortlessly join our platform without shifting through extensive details about each wallet type. This streamlined approach means businesses can immediately start using our services and focus on what truly matters – their business.

Enhanced Client Onboarding and Operation

The onboarding process is now a one-time, straightforward step with a single fee that applies to everyone. Once onboarded, clients have the freedom to select and transition between wallet services to suit their rising business needs, all without the worry of extra costs or complex administrative processes. It’s a straightforward approach that respects our clients’ time and supports their growth at every turn.

New Front-End & More Powerful Functionality

Our v18 release brings a fresh face to B2BinPay that aligns with the B2Broker family’s aesthetic, offering more than just an attractive interface. We’ve ramped up the system’s speed and security to give you a robust and reliable front end. At the same time, we’ve kept the core features our users know and love, making sure the switch to this updated platform feels natural and effortless. Here are the areas that received a complete renovation:

Wallets & Transfers

The wallets and transfers pages feature a cleaner design and streamlined processes, significantly reducing clicks and loading times. Similarly, we’ve refined the interfaces for payouts, bank withdrawals, and exchanges, making all financial operations more straightforward and efficient, saving valuable time for our users.

New Account Menu

We’ve updated our account management interface to make it more user-friendly and secure. Setting preferences, controlling API permissions, and customising your profile is now all a snap with the new Account Menu. Additionally, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an extra safety measure. The Payment Page has also been updated to reflect the new, user-friendly design philosophy and ensure safe and secure financial transactions.

Flexible Invoice Management

In our quest to empower clients with greater control, we’ve removed the previous 7-day limit on merchant invoice expiration. This update allows for the customisation of invoice timelines, providing the flexibility needed to align with individual business processes.

Intuitive Helpdesk Experience

We’ve significantly improved our Helpdesk UX, offering streamlined access to multilingual support guided by a well-defined schedule. With the new sticker notifications for incoming messages, keeping up-to-date and responsive is simpler than ever.

Rates Interface Improvements

The Rates UX now boasts improved favourites and filtering capabilities. Additionally, rates have been moved from the wallets menu to a top-level menu, simplifying access and improving efficiency for our clients when managing currency rates.

FATF Travel Rule Compliance

At B2BinPay, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance and transparency in all our operations. In line with this commitment, we have integrated a new Travel Rule solution provider, Notabene, to ensure adherence to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Travel Rule requirements.

The FATF Travel Rule is a regulatory standard that mandates collecting and sharing personal information in cryptocurrency transactions to prevent money laundering and other illicit activities. It requires Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), like us, to pass on certain information about the originators and beneficiaries of fund transfers. This rule is crucial for anonymising cryptocurrency transactions, enabling the detection of suspicious activities and preventing fraud.

Final Remarks

B2BinPay is a leading cryptocurrency payment provider that enables businesses to manage crypto transactions securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively on a global scale. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the most advanced, secure, and user-friendly payment processing solutions, and we believe that the v18 release is a testament to just that. 

We would like to thank our community for the ongoing support and look forward to each of you experiencing the many exciting improvements we crafted in version 18 just for you!

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