B2BinPay Celebrates 1 Year of Partnership with Athletic Club

B2BinPay Celebrates One Year of Partnership with Athletic Club

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B2BinPay, a leading cryptocurrency payment provider, is excited to celebrate the anniversary of its partnership with Athletic Club. As a proud sponsor for the 2023/2024 La Liga season, B2BinPay has supported Athletic Club’s journey, contributing to numerous milestones. This collaboration has greatly boosted the visibility and success of both our brand and the club over the past year!

A Year of Significant Growth for B2BinPay

The increased visibility and association with a club as prestigious as Athletic Club have directly impacted our operational expansion. Over the past year, we have upgraded our service offerings with the introduction of new blockchain networks, expanded our coin portfolio, added advanced features like currency swaps, secured a new licence in Italy, and much more. 

Also, this collaboration has allowed us to promote crypto processing throughout Europe, advancing the adoption of cryptocurrencies among the general public.

B2BinPay logo displayed by Athletic Club

A Year to Remember for Athletic Club

Athletic is the fourth most successful club in La Liga, with eight titles to their name. We had the honour of sponsoring the club during the 2023-2024 La Liga season, a year truly special for Athletic Club as they consistently remained among the top 5 clubs throughout the entire season, celebrating 16 victories.

Besides the financial support, we have actively engaged in enhancing the fan experience by distributing giveaways and tickets globally, letting fans everywhere support and celebrate the team’s successes. 

Athletic Bilbao is renowned not just for their achievements on the field but also for their unique approach to the game. Athletic Bilbao’s focus on local talent honours its Basque heritage, creating a sense of pride and unity beyond football.

We’re delighted to have contributed to this journey, supporting both the team and its global community of fans through our initiatives during the 2023-2024 La Liga season.

“Since initiating our partnership with Athletic Bilbao, this past year has been one of the most successful for both B2BinPay and the club. We have successfully increased awareness about crypto payments and, as a result, about our brand. We responded to market requests and massively upgraded our services. At the same time, we supported the Athletic Club on its journey and are proud to have played our role in their victories during the La Liga season.”

Arthur Azizov CEO of B2Broker

Final Remarks

As we celebrate this milestone, we recognise that football symbolises teamwork, passion, and community—principles that align closely with B2BinPay’s ethos. We look forward to the future, aiming to open new channels to connect with fans and customers.

Our journey with Athletic Club has been rewarding, and we are eager to continue this collaboration, with the goal of reaching new heights of success together in the years ahead.

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