Athletic Club and B2BinPay Join Forces in Historic Partnership

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We are proud to announce that B2BinPay, the subsidiary company of B2Broker, now officially sponsors Athletic Club until the 2023-24 season! A partnership signing ceremony was held at Ibaigane Palace, the breathtaking building from the early 20th century which also serves as Athletic Club’s home in Bilbao.

At the reception, Athletic Club CEO Jon Berasategi represented the football club, while Artur Azizov, the CEO of B2Broker and B2BinPay, represented the sponsor. The partnership marks an important milestone in the alliance between the two organizations.

Both CEOs commented on the alliance their organizations have forged and the great potential this partnership has.

Arthur Azizov expressed his delight at signing a sponsorship agreement with the prestigious Spanish football club:

We believe in the Athletic Club and are delighted to reach this agreement. Athletic Club is going to achieve new trophies and titles and score many new goals, the same as how B2BinPay is gaining popularity among merchants and crypto-processing businesses. So, this is the great beginning of mutual success.

Jon Berasategi expressed satisfaction with the partnership the club had secured with a leading crypto-processing company. As he stated:

We are confident that this will be a very productive partnership and that it will help us both achieve our goals.

We are thrilled to have achieved this momentous achievement and can’t wait for the endless possibilities that come with the partnership. With optimism and confidence, we look forward to a promising future ahead.

Thank you for your support!

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