B2BinPay is the industry’s #1 crypto processing solution that enables you to Accept, Store, Receive, Send and Exchange crypto payments.

B2BinPay is designed to fulfill all the crypto needs of Merchant and Enterprise clients with a range of benefits that are not available with traditional payment methods, such as low processing fees, real-time balance/transaction history, downloadable reports, secure checkout and much more.

Our main goal
The New Standard in Crypto Payments

In today’s technologically advancing business environment, cryptocurrency payments make perfect financial and business sense.

B2BinPay gives you the means not only to offer your existing clients another method of payment, but to onboard new clients who wish to pay with cryptocurrency, with the benefit of adding another revenue stream to your business.

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Our prime investor and reliable partner. Global prime of prime multi-asset liquidity & technology white label solutions provider for brokerages and exchanges.

Evgeniya Mykulyak & Arthur Azizov
COO and CEO of B2BinPay

Who are we

It’s not hard to see why B2BinPay is now one of the leading solutions in the industry when it comes to speed and affordability. Our innovative team offers the highest customer service, giving our clients a competitive edge over anyone else.


People in our multinational team


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Our Team

Arthur Azizov

CEO and Founder

Evgeniya Mykulyak


Ivan Navodnyy


Edward Eremeev

Stream Line Manager

Steve Chow

Head of Business Development for Asian Region

Daniil Skitev

Marketing Team Lead

Tony Tsang

Team Lead of Accounting for Asian Region

Mohammad Al-Ali

Acting Chief of Account Managers

Yoandris Rodriguez

VIP Client Manager for LATAM Region

Rami Najmeddine

VIP Client Manager for Arab Region

Abou Issa Abdo Abou Issa

VIP Business Development Manager

Wildfred Cheng

VIP Client Manager for Asian Region

Kuldeep Mahindrakar

Business Development Manager for India and Southeast Asia regions

Denis Serpikov

Business Development Manager for EU, CIS and African regions

Pamela Linaldi

Business Development Manager for LATAM and North America regions

David Chan

Account Manager for Asian Region

Le Thuy Linh

Account Manager for Southern Region of Asia

Satya Prakash Shukla

Account Manager for Southern Region of Asia

Andraus Daboul

Account Manager for Middle East Region

and many more

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A visual guide for using the B2BinPay brand for any marketing or communication. Follow the link to see the brand assets page.

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