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Reflecting on Our Achievements at The ICE London Expo 2024

ICE London Expo 2024

On 6-8 February, the largest iGaming and technology exhibition, ICE London Expo, took place at the famous ExCel venue, gathering iGaming, gaming, technology, and payment pioneers under one roof.

B2BinPay has proudly participated in this 3-day event, engaging in multiple conversations and sharing and learning from distinguished market leaders. Recent trends were discussed, and potentials were debated on how the technology will shape the future of the industry.

We welcomed guests from different companies and countries to our booth and participated in Q&A sessions, keeping ourselves on top of market updates. Let’s highlight some of the achievements during this exhibition.

Presenting Our Advanced Solutions

The ICE London Expo 2024 came in time while we finalised our B2BinPay product update, giving us a stage where we could introduce our sophisticated payment solutions and how we contribute to the success of businesses participating in the Expo.

The event included collaborative workshops, panel discussions and keynote speeches that shared the latest updates in the iGaming industry while discussing the latest news in payment and technology systems.

ICE London Expo was attended by thousands of tech professionals and digital enthusiasts, led by hundreds of businesses and leading firms, mostly from the casino, iGaming, and E-Sports industries, who expressed massive interest in the latest payment technologies provided by B2BinPay.

B2BinPay Booth at ICE London Expo

We welcomed guests and participants to our booth, where our team conducted several networking events and potential cooperation discussions that may contribute to further developing our services and solutions.

Additionally, we had the chance to introduce our latest updates to B2BinPay’s payment solutions, such as the crypto swap feature in the user’s wallet, the additional blockchains and coins and more upgrades that elevate our services to the next level.

ICE London Expo 2024

Shaping The Future of Centralised & Decentralised Transactions 

As the market develops, online payment systems evolve, and more updates are introduced to the market, which motivates us to keep up with the latest market trends and participate in upcoming events to educate and learn from industry experts.

ICE London Expo 2024 was nothing but a success, and we look forward to enriching our user base and enhancing our products to meet and exceed expectations. Moreover, we will be proud to participate in next year’s ICE event to recap today’s developments and demonstrate our dedication to excellence and innovation.

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