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B2BinPay is Attending the ICE London Expo 2024

6 - 8 February
London, UK
B2BinPay is Attending the ICE London Expo 2024

We are happy to announce that B2BinPay will be present at one of the most prestigious events in the iGaming and gaming industries, the ICE London Expo 2024. 

Early in 2024, from February 6 to February 8, the ExCel venue in London will host the ICE London Expo 2024. Many of the industry’s brightest minds will convene at this event to talk about important subjects and recent advancements. 

About The ICE London Expo 2024

By assembling the most creative thinkers and entrepreneurs under one roof, the ICE London Expo seeks to advance the digital gaming and gambling industries. The businesses and entrepreneurs who were invited to this event will present their most recent findings, observations, and game-changing developments that advance the sector. 

With an emphasis on the gaming and iGaming sectors, the ICE London Expo will examine the most pressing issues and potential solutions in the near future. 

Our Participation

At this prestigious expo, B2BinPay will focus on showcasing its expertise in the crypto payment niche, aligning with the growing trend of crypto games. The lineup of attendees includes BDM Pamela Linaldi, CEO of B2Binpay UK & Eqwire Mina Louka, and head of business development Andrew Matushkin. 

Our team is ready to provide insightful knowledge and demystify the intricate technical facets of iGaming and Web 3.0. 

Join Us at ICE London Expo 2024

Up to 45,000 bright minds in the digital gaming niche come together at the ICE London Exhibition 2024, providing unique insider knowledge on one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. 

Sign up now to get the chance to speak with the B2BinPay team in person at booth N9-300. Join us for engaging conversations and presentations based on statistics to gain a deeper understanding of the online gambling and gaming industries! 

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