Crypto cities: what does life without fiat look like?

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Ten years have passed since “Bitcoin Pizza Day” when the first cryptocurrency was used as a payment option for the first time in history. The crypto market underwent ups and downs and grew to more than 13 000 digital assets with different goals and perspectives. The audience of crypto holders, according to calculations and reports, has beaten the mark of 300 million.

With a capitalization close to $3 trillion, the crypto market is not something to ignore – the fact is accepted by both investors and governments. This is why the industry has only one course – to move towards mass adoption.

What about the current situation? The number of crypto friendly cities continues to skyrocket and holders of digital assets may theoretically forget all about fiat currencies.

Cities leading the ranking of crypto-businesses located there

According to Coinmap, the overall number of businesses accepting digital currencies is 27 982, and the amount keeps rising rapidly, as merchants realise the brand new opportunities provided by crypto payments.

Thousands of cities host crypto-friendly businesses but which locations have the most companies that let customers purchase goods and services with digital assets? Most of the ranking leaders are placed in the USA:

  1. New York, USA (261 crypto accepting companies);
  2. Los Angeles, USA (217 crypto-friendly businesses);
  3. San Francisco, USA (123 companies);
  4. Toronto, Canada (109 businesses);
  5. Melbourne, Australia (85 companies).

As such, the overall cities may totally fulfill the needs of residents who prefer a fiat-less way of life.

Cities leading by the number of installed crypto ATMs

Automated Teller Machines are among the most important components in the crypto ecosystem. ATMs enable people not familiar with digital currencies to get involved in the crypto world in the most straightforward way.

CoinATMRadar informs us that the total number of crypto ATM machines installed globally has just exceeded 30 000 machines – people are getting more and more access to the world of digital currencies. The USA is a confident leader of the ranking with 26 894 ATMs (89.6%), and the runner-up, Canada, hosts only 2079 machines.

What about the cities with the largest number of ATM machines? The top-5 ranking includes the following locations:

  1. Los Angeles, USA, 1 065 machines;
  2. Chicago, USA, 648 ATMs;
  3. Houston, USA, 565 machines;
  4. San Francisco, USA, 437 ATMs;
  5. Vancouver, Canada, 221 machines.

On the subject of the number of Bitcoin ATMs per 10 000 residents, Harrisburg (Philadelphia) is the world’s ranking leader with an index of 16.24.

What is the third important component that determines the top crypto cities? We need to understand where the rate of crypto holders is the highest.

Cities leading by the rate of crypto holders

The overall number of crypto holders is over 300 million, and the following cities lead the ranking according to the number of holders they host:

  1. London, UK, 2.28 million;
  2. New York, USA, 2.16 million;
  3. Los Angeles, USA, 1.16 million;
  4. San Francisco, USA, 0.94 million;
  5. Toronto, Canada, 0.74 million.

Let’s summarise the herein-given statistics. So, which cities let crypto holders live without fiat currencies and feel comfortable enough? Los Angeles and San Francisco turn out the best choices for crypto fans, as those cities lead the rankings of crypto-accepting businesses, ATMs, and crypto holders. New York, Toronto, London, Vancouver, and Melbourne are among the perfect options as well.The world has passed the point of no return, moving towards crypto-friendliness, and B2BinPay helps speed this process up. Accept crypto payments easily with the top-rated gateway that enables merchants and enterprises to be part of the modern trend.

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