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Accept Bitcoin Payments and Other Crypto Safely and Securely
If you are looking to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments, it’s vital that you are 100% confident that all transactions are safe. While cryptocurrency payments offer users a safer way to pay for goods and services by the very nature of blockchain technology itself, fraud is omni-present on the internet making the potential for […]
What is a CryptoCurrency Payment Gateway?
What are ERC-20 tokens and how to deal with it?
Education 12.08.2020
Crypto Payment Service Provider
Where to Buy Crypto?
Education 17.06.2020
B2BinPay: Guide to May 2020 Bitcoin Halving
B2BinPay Launches Webinar Series To Help Businesses Capitalise on the Crypto Payments Trend
Education 15.04.2020
Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card
Education 25.03.2020
Advantages of Using Cryptocurrency Services for Merchants
As the number of global online payments continue to rise, more and more businesses are seeking to add Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method. The increasing rate of cryptocurrency adoption has seen huge repercussions across many business sectors as companies strive to keep up with the crypto revolution. Needless to say, online payments [&hell
Education 10.03.2020
B2BinPay Offers Low-Cost Payment Gateway Solution for Forex Brokers
Cryptocurrency payments are set to soar even higher this year as industry experts look ahead with high expectations following the recent surge in popularity of crypto payments. The evidence is clear to see with many well-known global online retailers embracing this relatively new method of payment, underscoring their importance today in the business world. A
Education 28.01.2020
B2BinPay Set to Attend Traffic-Stopping iGB Affiliate London 2020
Education 24.12.2019
Differences Between Crypto and Fiat Payment Processors
Education 16.12.2019
Finding the Best Crypto Payment Processing
Education 04.12.2019
Advantages of Accepting Cryptocurrencies as a Payment Method
Education 04.11.2019
How to Accept Stable Coins
Education 30.10.2019
B2BinPay Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions for Merchant and Enterprise Clients
B2BinPay Customers Can Now Accept and Pay with EOS. Online Chat Added to Offer Improved Customer Service.
Using Cryptocurrency to Develop Your Business
The price of bitcoin price has recently hit new year-to-date highs, hovering around the $12k mark (Coinmarketcap) at the time of writing. After being caught in a tough bear market during 2018, the crypto market has re-ignited, soaring to levels that some industry insiders believe will only continue to rise. This upward trend only serves […]
Education 29.06.2019

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