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B2BinPay as a multifunctional option for crypto payments
Crypto payments have separated merchants into several groups. Conservators are those who stake on fiat currencies and lose opportunities. Business owners who embrace innovations enjoy the benefits they get after accepting digital assets as a payment method. The third group is the largest one containing merchants who want to join the trend but are afraid [&he
Education 04.10.2021
How to pay taxes, accepting crypto payments?
Education 10.09.2021
How to solve the volatility problem in crypto payments?
Education 08.09.2021
Why are digital currencies still better than CBDCs?
Education 06.09.2021
Why is it important to accept as many cryptocurrencies as possible?
Education 19.08.2021
Top-5 crypto payment APIs
Education 10.08.2021
How to connect a crypto payment API to your business?
Education 05.08.2021
Which cryptocurrencies do head the ranking of crypto payments?
Education 05.08.2021
How to accept Cardano on your website
    Cardano is one of the fastest growing digital assets in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year there are more and more people who want to use it for online shopping. Cardano is also among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The project stands out among its peers because […]
Education 16.07.2021
Why companies should accept payments in Ethereum
Project founder Vitalik Buterin introduced Ethereum in 2015. The project claims to be the safest, most efficient, and widely available currency that allows you to easily transfer and accept crypto payments around the world. Ethereum is not only a coin, but also an open-source platform. Its network processes thousands of transactions every day. In addition, [
Education 06.07.2021
What you need to know to accept payments in Binance Coin
Education 04.07.2021
Tether – cryptocurrency for everyday life
Education 01.07.2021
Top-5 crypto blockchains and their main characteristics
Education 18.06.2021
Centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges
Education 10.06.2021
iFX Expo Dubai 2021: Overview
Accept cryptocurrencies and avoid risks
Education 26.05.2021
Crypto payments for business and consumers
Education 24.05.2021
CryptoCurrency Payments – B2Binpay v2.0
B2BinPay Launches Version 2.0: Major Upgrades Include New Blockchains, Tokens and Pricing Structure B2BinPay, one of the industry’s leading crypto processing providers, has announced the launch of version 2 of its award-winning payments solution. The new version is a highly-anticipated upgrade to the current offering and includes a series of feature enhancem

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