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B2BinPay Gears Up To Participate at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022

16 March

B2BinPay has added another date to its Q1 2022 schedule and will be attending the Crypto Expo Dubai held on 16th – 17th March at Dubai Festival Arena. This is the second year we’ve been invited to participate in the event; B2BinPay will be taking on a lead role as one of the expo’s leading participants after securing the Diamond sponsorship for their B2BinPay booth.

Crypto Expo Dubai has garnered a reputation of being the go-to place for investors and crypto industry leaders to network and discover new business opportunities in the crypto realm. This year’s event is scheduled to bring in over 1,000 attendees who will be meeting to discuss potential investment opportunities in the blockchain and crypto industry, to get some insights on the primary facts that have shaped the cryptocurrency industry, network with experts and investors to learn about the latest updates and trends in the crypto world as well as meeting some of the most influential leaders in cryptocurrency.

CEO Arthur Azizov: Keynote Speaker

The conference aims to cover the most important industry topics, including the current trends in crypto trading and investing, regulation, how crypto payments are becoming the new normal, industries that have adopted crypto payment systems and how stable coins and NFTs are reshaping our world.

Be sure to take a seat for these sessions as some of the most knowledgeable industry-leading speakers will be attending to share their experience on all the latest topics. B2Broker Group of Companies CEO Arthur Azizov is again invited to present as a lead keynote speaker and share his views on an upcoming release that will help move crypto to the next level. Feel free to check back here again for any updates!

B2BinPay Crypto Processing

For attendees interested in the payment side of things, note that you can request a demo of how B2BinPay works, one of the industry’s Top 3 crypto payment gateways, at our Booth # 09. B2BinPay gives merchants and enterprises the chance to exchange, receive and accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in just a matter of minutes. It is the go-to solution for over 450 clients globally. You’ll be able to get access to all the information you need and talk with the experts about the best way to introduce crypto payments into your business or brokerage at our booth.

There’s no time better to get involved in crypto than the Crypto Expo Dubai. The market is filled with limitless possibilities. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet us there!

We look forward to seeing you!

B2BinPay team

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