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Concluding Money Expo Mexico and Celebrating Important Achievements

B2BinPay team at Money Expo Mexico

On February 7-8, we participated in Money Expo Mexico, the world’s largest exhibition for financial service firms and investing companies, where market experts shared the latest ideas and innovations in technology and trading markets.

Our team demonstrated significant participation in multiple panel discussions and keynote speeches, exhibiting the importance of financial solutions and technology provided by B2BinPay.

It has been a fruitful experience, and we would like to share our achievements and outcomes with you.

Signifying B2BinPay’s Role in Global Payment Solutions

B2BinPay is a leading provider of payment technology solutions that suit merchants, businesses and brokerage companies. The Expo presented a golden opportunity for us to share and learn from industrial experts and discuss the latest trading and investment trends.

B2Broker & B2BinPay Booth at Money Expo Mexico

The event included multiple workshops, panel discussions, and keynote presentations, where market leaders shared valuable insights and educated the attendees on crucial industrial topics and perspectives.

Our team eagerly collaborated with leading figures in trading and technology, participating in both a panel discussion and a keynote speech. During these sessions, we explored the latest developments in crypto payment solutions and shared insights on the most effective trading strategies and techniques for brokers and investors.

In her presentation, Pamel Linaldi, our Business Development Manager, discussed “Trends in Crypto, Forex,  and Liquidity for Broker-Dealer funds or any other institutions”, talking about the challenges of crypto payment technologies, the problems brokerage firms might face and the role of B2BinPay’s payment solutions in elevating the businesses’ money management.

During his panel discussions, John Murilo, our Chief Dealing Officer, shared the floor with leading companies’ representatives, debating on “How to Master the Perfect FX Strategy”, where John shared crucial tips and recommendations for Forex traders and retail brokers in managing their funds and investment portfolios.

Welcoming Guests and Navigating Interests

Our team welcomed participants to our booth #21, introducing them to B2BinPay’s advanced solutions and how our crypto payment services helped brokerage and investment firms upscale their businesses.

We had the chance to link up with our partners and meet prospective investors with whom we can cooperate, build further relationships, and improve our services.

B2BinPay team at Money Expo Mexico

Same Place Next Year?

We concluded the 2-day milestone event with major achievements and positive outcomes, giving us no reason to miss out on Money Expo Mexico next year!

We are grateful for this opportunity, where we cooperated with market leaders, shared the floor with influential gurus and learned valuable lessons that drive us to improve our crypto payment services to serve our clients better and provide top-notch technological solutions.

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