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B2BinPay is Presenting at iFX Expo Mexico 2024

9 - 11 April
Mexico City, Mexico
Booth #37
B2BinPay at iFX Expo Mexico 2024

We are pleased to notify you that our B2BinPay company will be among the main exhibitors at the international fintech, financial, and online trading exhibition, iFX Expo Mexico 2024.

The iFX Expo is renowned for its endeavours to curate the most remarkable line-up of speakers in the contemporary fintech arena, tackling cutting-edge subjects and the most recent obstacles this sector faces. The Expo will be held in Mexico City, Mexico, on April 9-11, 2024. 

About the iFX Expo Mexico

The iFX Expo Mexico is a major event for fintech, brokers, affiliates and much more. The iFX Expo, which is open to over 10,000 participants, has brought together 350 exhibitors and 280 presenters to discuss the most exciting new trends in the contemporary trading industry. 

There will be lots of panel discussions, seminars, and networking opportunities throughout the whole conference, which is planned to be entirely interactive. The iFX Expo offers the ideal setting for information sharing concerning the realm of digital trading over the course of three days. 

B2BinPay at iFX Expo Mexico

Our team is excited to be a leading speaker at iFX Expo Mexico. We’re ready to share our latest achievements and address the big challenges in the online trading world. Our goal is to share our proven know-how and make the complex world of fintech easier and more understandable for everyone.

John Murillo, Chief Dealing Officer of B2Broker, Pamela Linaldi, Business Development Manager, and three of our own senior account managers, Yoandris Rodriguez, Reinier Dominguez, and Hector Saavedra, are among those attending. 

Eugenia Mykulyak, our COO, will be the keynote speaker. She will provide a thorough presentation and share her extensive understanding of the online trading industry. 

Join us At the iFX Expo Mexico

iFX Expo Mexico is a powerhouse event for all things related to trading, brokerage, affiliates, and digital brokerage. This conference brings together companies, owners, and specialists from more than 300 nations, utilising the strength of diversity and stimulating dialogue to advance the sector. 

It goes without saying that iFX Expo Mexico is the best location to network with industry peers and learn about intriguing trends in the dynamic trading world. 

So, sign up and stop by booth #37 to meet our team! 

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