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The status of digital assets has essentially increased within the last years, as business owners understand new horizons to appear. Crowds of consumers have no access to banking services, while cryptocurrencies enable them to purchase goods online, having Internet access and crypto wallet.

As for merchants, they need to apply to crypto payment providers; otherwise, multiple troubles and headaches are about to happen.

What is the function of crypto payment gateways?

A crypto payment gateway is a payment instrument that allows merchants to accept crypto payments. That is the general explanation, while beginner business owners are interested in details.

Payment providers are companies that unlock your access to innovative solutions. For instance, a provider connects your business with the Bitcoin payment API that is responsible for the processing. API serves as a mediator between your business and a payment system. When a customer wishes to activate this opportunity, using digital assets as a payment option for goods and services. The request is directed to the Application Programming Interface (e.g., Ethereum payment API). When all the parameters correspond with the system requirements, the payment succeeds.

At the same time, high-level crypto payment providers offer business owners a doubled opportunity – either to receive cryptocurrencies on secured and functional wallets, or get those assets automatically converted into fiat currencies sent to bank accounts.

In the search of the best API for crypto payments

While talking about APIs for crypto payments, a business owner needs to get the best-matching solution that entirely corresponds with his (her) goals. Despite the explosive growth, crypto payments are still somehow a new word for beginners, and business owners rely on API providers. That’s exceptionally important to deal with experienced and high-quality companies.

Here is the list of top-rated providers to connect a crypto payment API:


B2BinPay is awarded as the best provider of crypto payments, and this recognition is the most powerful strong point for newer entrants. The provider connects your business to a Zcash payment API and 800+ more coins, stablecoins, and tokens. Business owners may access secured and convenient wallets to receive, send, hold, and exchange their digital assets. Merchants pay the 0.5% fee for processing only – no hidden commissions and payments attached.


BitPay is known as the leading solution for Bitcoin payments and other digital currencies. The provider is trusted by thousands of crypto-friendly businesses worldwide. Three ways to accept digital currencies are available: on a website, by email, and in person. Payments are possible to be converted in fiat currencies sent to bank accounts in 38 countries. BitPay charges merchants a 1% commission.


Merchants access the opportunity to integrate a Binance Coin payment API quickly – the same concerns other digital currencies that are in demand for crypto payments. CryptoCoin uses AI fraud prescoring to protect payments. Furthermore, merchants may open wallets to buy and sell digital currencies easily.


The Luno crypto payment API helps merchants accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment options. The API is easily integrated with Go, Python, and Php. Moreover, merchants who make the first steps in the crypto world get access to comprehensive guides to understanding how payments work. Multi-currency wallets are among API features – business owners may buy and sell their crypto funds. The processing fee is 1.40%.


The Wyre crypto payment API is designed to integrate businesses with the crypto world. On top of crypto payments, global payouts to more than 130 countries, secure crypto wallets, account onboarding, and other useful features are available for merchants. The processing fee is 0.75%, while the number of accepted cryptocurrencies is more than 10.

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