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B2BinPay to Attend Bitcoin Asia Hong Kong 2024 Expo

9 - 10 May
Hong Kong, China
B2BinPay at Bitcoin Asia Hong Kong 2024 Expo

B2BinPay has decided to join the efforts of popularising and expanding the crypto field in the Asian Region with the upcoming Bitcoin Asia Hong Kong 2024 Expo. The renowned event takes place from May 9th to 10th at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in China. 

Bitcoin Asia expo is known for its invaluable impact on the growth of crypto solutions in Asia by gathering leading players within the industry. This year, B2BinPay and B2Broker will be among the ranks of distinguished panel presenters! 

Bitcoin Asia – A Crucial Platform for Asian Crypto

The Bitcoin Asia conference stands as a hub for the Asian crypto market. Boasting a speaker list featuring industry leaders from top companies, the event promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration that extends beyond trading, including the diverse applications of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. 

Additionally, its global recognition positions Bitcoin Asia as a powerful platform for connecting regional players with a wider network, solidifying its role in shaping the future of Bitcoin within Asia. As a result, the Bitcoin Asia Hong Kong 2024 expo can break down the crypto roadblocks faced by the most populated region in the world, cultivating the ground for more innovation and technological progress. 

B2BinPays Contribution

B2BinPay, alongside its parent company, B2Broker, will actively contribute to Bitcoin Asia’s mission of expanding crypto solutions in Asia.  Our dedicated booth will showcase our team’s latest advancements in liquidity solutions and payment processing services. 

Leading our team presence, Steve Chow will be a key panel presenter, delving into critical topics within the blockchain landscape. Our panel will cover a wide range of topics, including the elevated importance of liquidity solutions in blockchain, the critical nature of payment processing, and numerous other complementary tools for businesses and end users. 

Building a Stronger Blockchain Future

The Bitcoin Asia expo is a strong force that supports building a robust crypto market across Asia. This global event presents a valuable opportunity for B2Broker to connect with industry leaders throughout the region and forge new partnerships and client relationships. We anticipate this year’s Bitcoin Asia expo will be a catalyst for meaningful collaboration and exciting new ventures within the blockchain space.  

If you wish to learn about the latest achievements in crypto and get a chance to network with market-leading company representatives, sign up now and meet the B2Broker team! 

We’re excited to meet you and discuss the most important topics within this niche!


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