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Marking an Impactful Presence at The Forex Traders Summit

Marking an Impactful Presence at The Forex Traders Summit_

Last week, we wrapped up our attendance at the prestigious Forex Traders Summit – Dubai 2024, one of the most renowned destinations for Forex trading discussions and updates. The event gathered the world’s most elite investment professionals and brokerage firms, sharing advanced trading opinions and highlighting crucial market events.

We left our mark on the event with impactful participation in various activities and debates and concluded the 2-day event with an award ceremony, where we received two trophies commemorating our hard work and dedication.

Let’s take you through some highlights of the event, with some sneak peeks into the venue.

Demonstrating Our Innovative Solutions

As a leading crypto payment processor, we showcased our vital tools and solutions for Forex brokerage and investors, presenting the advanced use cases and features our processing systems provide.

Guests kept flowing into our majestic booth, which was a landmark and a central point of the venue. We welcomed guests and networked with our clients and partners to discuss the latest product updates and offer swift solutions for their business needs.

We had the chance to cooperate with global Forex inventors and businesses, planting seeds of futuristic partnerships that would elevate our reach and service offerings.

Sharing Crucial Market Insights and Trading Strategies

Our managers appeared at two major events and educated the attendees about various FX trading systems and global policies that affect the Forex market.

Our CDO, John Murillo, joined an exciting panel discussion titled “Inflation and Interest Rate Dynamics” alongside the most experienced FX professionals. The panel discussed how national economic metrics affect trading and how brokers and investors can understand these factors to improve their analytical skills.

Our second appearance was with our CPO, Sergey Ryzhavi, who addressed the public in a keynote speech about “Copy Trading: Must-have tool for every broker.” This session was highly attended because Sergey shed light on the most advanced FX trading trends and how brokers can successfully accommodate these changing dynamics.

Two Awards in Two Days!

By the end of the final day, we were named “Best Fintech & Solutions” and “Best Payment Solutions Provider” for our companies B2Broker and B2BinPay. 

This was a testimonial to the dedication we put into developing our products and the advanced use cases we provide to meet market needs.

What’s Next?

This will definitely not be the end of our participation in this event, as this major milestone motivates us to keep striving for success and dedicate our resources to finding the best tech and payment solutions.We look forward to more events on the agenda, which you can track to stay ahead of the latest market news and updates. See you at the next one!

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