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Exploring B2BinPay’s Impact On Forex Expo Dubai 2023

Exploring B2BinPay's Impact On Forex Expo Dubai 2023

B2BinPay recently took part in the Forex Expo Dubai 2023, held at the World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. This event brought together a diverse group of Forex enthusiasts, traders, and industry leaders.

More About Forex Expo Dubai

The Forex Expo Dubai 2023, in its sixth edition, proved to be a significant event for Forex traders, IBs, investors, and brokers. This gathering provided a platform for interaction and the opportunity to establish valuable connections. Featuring a roster of more than 85 speakers from over 30 countries, attendees were exposed to a vast amount of knowledge and expertise regarding the newest market trends and financial insights.

Our Contribution

During our recent participation at Booth #14, B2Broker and B2BinPay had the opportunity to present our cutting-edge liquidity, technology, and crypto processing solutions. Our team of experts was honoured to share their knowledge and insights with the attendees.

Engaging session was led by Andrew Matushkin, who enlightened the audience about the future of crypto payments and how it is being reshaped through crypto processing. His talk provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of financial transactions.

Lastly, we were privileged to have our CEO, Arthur Azizov, lead two informative panel discussions. These discussions delved into the future of trading and the mastery of FX strategy, showcasing our commitment to staying ahead in the industry.

Overall, our presence at Booth #14 was a fruitful experience, allowing us to showcase our expertise and engage with industry professionals. We look forward to empowering our innovation experience and providing top-notch solutions in the world of finance and technology.

Thank you!

We would like to express our gratitude for Forex Expo Dubai 2023. The event allowed us to connect with others in the industry, share our knowledge, and gain recognition for our work. We want to thank everyone who visited our booth and participated in our sessions. Your support and enthusiasm motivate us to continually strive for innovation and excellence.

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