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iFX Expo Cyprus 2023: a Comprehensive Overview

The iFX Expo Cyprus 2023 was held in Limassol, Cyprus, from September 19 to 21. It brought together financial experts, fintech innovators, and industry stakeholders for valuable discussions, networking, and showcasing of the latest financial advancements. B2BinPay was proudly represented to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration within the industry.

Event Overview

The expo showcased a range of activities, such as panel discussions, keynote speeches, and exhibition booths, all focused on the future of financial technologies. Attendees had the chance to learn about important industry topics and network with valuable connections.

Our Contribution

Representing B2BinPay, we were among the distinguished exhibitors at the event. Our booth was a hive of activity as we demonstrated our cutting-edge crypto-processing solutions and had lively discussions with participants on the dynamic nature of the current economic climate. The exhibition was an excellent venue for us to showcase our newest products, highlight the benefits of crypto payments in contemporary enterprises, and shed light on the current developments in the financial technology industry.

Thank You!

Our participation in iFX Cyprus 2023 was truly valuable. It allowed us to exchange knowledge, network with industry professionals, and highlight our dedication to advancing innovation in the financial sector.


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