Streamlining Crypto Payments
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Webinar Announcement: Explore the Advanced Crypto Processing with B2BinPay! 

29 February 4:00 PM (GTM +3)

Vitaliy Shtyrkin, B2BinPay’s product manager, is hosting a live webinar, “Streamlining Crypto: Next Generation Platform for Business,” that will cover many relevant and valuable topics in the crypto payment landscape. Vitaliy will discuss the unmatched significance of stablecoins in the crypto payment environment and the necessity to adopt stablecoins across various blockchain networks. 

B2BinPay’s Role in Advancing the Crypto Processing Field

The webinar will also highlight and discuss the innovations introduced by B2BinPay in the crypto processing landscape. Vitaliy will explain why it is crucial to expand blockchain support, giving crypto users more freedom of choice and flexibility on the B2BinPay platform. 

Moreover, Vitaliy will give us an in-depth overview of B2BinPay’s innovative swaps feature, allowing users to minimise transaction fees and processing delays. We will also discuss how the brand-new VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) system enhances the effectiveness of swaps by delivering competitive price quotes. 

Finally, Vitaliy will present B2BinPay’s roadmap and plans for the future, focusing on the possible challenges and areas of improvement for the platform. The discussion will include enhancing cybersecurity mechanisms, improving core features and reinforcing the company’s regulatory standing globally. 

Following his educational webinar presentation, Vitaliy will open the floor to thoughtful audience questions. 

Here’s what to expect during our live webinar: 

  • Cryptocurrency market evolution and the rise of stablecoins
  • How to maximise your business potential with expanded blockchain support and instant swaps
  • B2BinPay roadmap and future plans 
  • Q&A session

If you’re enthusiastic about all things crypto and the future of digital payments, register today and join our value-driven webinar on 29th February, 16:00 GMT+4. 

Register Here!

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