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Reviewing iFX Expo LATAM 2024 with B2BinPay

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We concluded the iFX Expo LATAM 2024, a three-day event where leading FinTech and technology companies share one floor and discuss the latest market trends and updates.

The highly anticipated venue hosted 10,000+ visitors and 350 exhibitors, demonstrating the event’s importance for brokerage firms, trading experts, and industry leaders. Over 250 managers and executives delivered keynote talks, joined cooperative workshops and participated in panel discussions, building up the excitement for this expo.

Why Was iFX Expo LATAM Important for B2BinPay?

The event was a critical stage for us to demonstrate our advanced crypto payment technologies, emphasising the recent trends and developments in the FinTech space and how blockchain-based payments are becoming more common.

We had the chance to meet our partners from top-tier financial institutions and leading brokerage firms and build on prospective clients and investors who showed great interest in B2BinPay’s crypto/fiat payment capabilities.

Our presence was visible as speaker hall sponsors and through our large booth, where our team members and senior account managers welcomed attendees and demonstrated use cases of our payment processing technologies.

Our participating team, led by John Murillo (Chief Dealing Officer) and Pamela Linaldi (Business Development Manager), were featured on the event’s agenda. 

John Murillo participated in a panel discussion on «Global Impact, Local Strategies: Liquidity in the Region», where he discussed liquidity challenges for local businesses with other industry experts.

Additionally, Pamela Linaldi joined another panel talking about «LATAM E-Trading in Motion: How to Be Part of It?» where she navigated the online trading industry in the region and the common challenges and opportunities for local operators.

Ready for iFX Expo 2025?

The iFX Expo Series has been a remarkable venue for B2BinPay, as it is a highly anticipated event to showcase our latest crypto technologies and discuss the latest industry updates. This time, our participation did not go unnoticed as we actively discussed pressing issues in the crypto space and the rise of stablecoins. 

It was a great opportunity to reinforce our position as leaders in payment solutions serving a wide span of industries, such as brokerage firms, gambling platforms, e-commerce merchants, online retailers and any entity looking to send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies.

We will always have the pleasure of joining iFX Expos, and we cannot wait for the 2025 edition to track the success of current development efforts.

Follow us to stay tuned with our latest news and exciting product updates!

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