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B2BinPay Role at The Massive Bitcoin Asia 2024 Expo

B2BinPay at The Prestigious Bitcoin Asia Expo 2024

Last week, we participated in the highly prestigious Bitcoin Asia 2024 in Hong Kong, marking a milestone event full of exciting panel discussions, interactive speeches and cooperative networking opportunities.

Some of the most influential crypto enthusiasts and blockchain developers made their way to the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in China, presenting bright ideas and crucial insights on the latest crypto developments in the region.

Bitcoin Asia Expo is one of the most anticipated events in the region, where Web 3.0 startups, DeFi companies and crypto-based businesses seize the opportunity to meet with their partners and clients and expand their network by establishing constructive discussions and connections.

The Importance of BTC Asia 2024 for B2BinPay

The event presented a great opportunity for us to connect with our counterparts and engage in prospective conversations. Our presence at the BTC Asia Expo was noticeable in a double-booth establishment presenting B2Broker and B2BinPay teams and solutions in one place.

Our participating team had a busy agenda, conducting multiple one-to-one meetings with prospective investors and navigating the visitors’ needs for a robust payment processing solution for their business needs and expectations.

Our regional business development manager, Steve Chow, was featured in an exciting panel discussion on “Bitcoin Institutional Infrastructure” alongside other industry experts.

Steve educated the public on the most recent crypto trends and how the banking sector and regulators are changing their attitude towards DeFi assets and cryptocurrency investments. The interactive panel included Q&A sessions with the audience, where our manager highlighted some details about our infrastructure and offerings in Hong Kong and for regional clients.

In the end, Steve shared some “easter eggs” regarding our ongoing licensing efforts in Hong Kong and other countries in the region. So, check out the below-video to get a full spiel of his discussion. 

More Events on The Roadmap!

The BTC Asia 2024 Expo is one of our many planned exhibitions this year, particularly in May. So, get ready for more informative events and a possible return to the Bitcoin Asia Expo, which has met and exceeded our objectives this year.

This event was a great success for B2BinPay. It came timely with the many product updates our team has been working on, and we took this chance to share the new technologies and upgraded solutions with the attending audience. 

Keep an eye on our busy agenda. We’ve got more upcoming expos to attend and news to share. See you at the next one.

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