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Bringing Our Payment Solutions To The Finance Magnates Pacific Summit

27 - 29 August
Sydney, Australia
Getting Ready for The Highly Anticipated FMPS 2024

Finance Magnates returns again, and this time, we are going to Sydney, Australia, to join the world’s leading firms and professionals in finance, FinTech, crypto and payment technology.

The FMPS 2024 will take place on August 27-29. Leading firms, such as Centroid, ChipPay, and Devexperts, will share the floor and discuss the latest market trends and challenges. 

About Finance Magnates Pacific Summit 2024

After the major success of the Finance Magnates Africa Summit, which took place in May 2024 and gathered over 2,500 attendees, 60+ speakers, and 50+ sponsors, FM Expo’s second event will be held at the International Convention Centre, Sydney.

This time, more than 80 executives are ready to educate the public alongside 70+ sponsors and exhibitors contributing to make this event a memorable one.

Discussing Payments and Crypto Transactions

This event represents a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our advanced payment solutions, including crypto wallets and fiat money management, which appeal to every brokerage and exchange platform.

Our team is ready to welcome you to our combined booth #2-3-10-11, where our senior managers and sales representatives will demonstrate the recent market updates and B2BinPay service upgrades that we have introduced recently.

What’s on The Agenda?

The works are in progress to make our appearance memorable with a couple of speeches and discussions that will keep everyone on track with the most recent market updates and news.

Tune in for more events on our agenda

Get your ticket early, and join us for three days full of DeFi and FinTech conversations!

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