B2BinPay v17 & v18 Updates
B2BinPay v17 & v18 Updates: Manage Your Crypto Payments with Ease
The last few months were fruitful for B2BinPay, where we introduced major product updates, taking customer experience to the next level. B2BinPay v17 and v18 focus on transparency and making user operations more straightforward in creating accounts, managing transactions and issuing invoices. The unified account merging enterprise and merchant accounts enabl
Crypto Decentralisation Explained: What Does It Mean?
Cryptocurrencies empower blockchain transactions that are fast and secure, allowing users to send and receive virtual money over DeFi platforms. Do crypto tokens work the same? How do tokens operate in decentralised finance? Edward Eremeev from B2BinPay highlights the meaning behind DeFi defining the difference between crypto coins and tokens. Watch this sho
Too Much Transparency in Crypto – Blessing or Curse?
Did you know that crypto transactions are surprisingly transparent? This could pose a challenge. Edward Eremeev from B2BinPay examines the tension between crypto's openness, anti-money laundering regulations, and privacy concerns. What discomfort might future crypto regulations bring to your personal data security?
Next Era of Payments: Crypto Processing | B2BinPay at Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit
At the recent Blockchain Economy Summit in Dubai, Leon Abuissa, our esteemed Business Development Manager, delivered a compelling presentation on the "Next Era of Payments: Crypto Processing." He talked about the game-changing nature of cryptocurrency payments and highlighted the urgency for enterprises to evolve with the changing financial landscape. How pr
Reshaping the Future of Payments with Crypto Processing | B2Broker Group at Forex Expo Dubai
At the prestigious Forex Expo Dubai, Andrew Matushkin, B2Broker Group's Head of Global Business Development, delivered a keynote speech about crypto's game-changing role in how we handle payments. Highlighting the rapid adoption rates and the increasing trust in digital assets, he presented a comprehensive overview of how crypto revolutionises payment method
5 Main reasons to Use Crypto Processing Solutions for Your Business
This "Crypto Briefs with Edward" episode discusses the top five reasons businesses should adopt crypto processing solutions. From unmatched convenience to robust security, see why it's time to transform your business model.
Kuldeep Mahindrakar Talks Crypto’s Role in Financial Evolution | Money Expo Mumbai
B2Broker's BDM, Kuldeep Mahindrakar, shared his expertise during a panel discussion in Mumbai. Kuldeep explored the functionalities of B2BinPay and provided valuable insights on how cryptocurrencies are revolutionising cross-border transactions and overcoming traditional banking challenges. Are we witnessing a shift in global finance?
iFX Expo Asia 2023 | Shaking Up the Payments Landscape in 2023
In this panel discussion, Mina Louka, CEO of B2BinPay UK, and other professionals discuss the trends that will impact money movements in 2023 in the APEC region and beyond. From cross-border payment solutions and the fragmentation in the market to the current market situation and more!

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