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B2BinPay Launches Webinar Series To Help Businesses Capitalise on the Crypto Payments Trend

28 April

B2BinPay,  cryptocurrency payments processing, has announced that it will shortly be commencing a new series of webinars designed to help businesses start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

The webinars are geared towards educating merchants and enterprise businesses on a variety of topics about how to offer customers crypto payment services and integrate a payment system into your operations.

About Our Webinars

Cryptocurrencies are now widely accepted as an alternative to FIAT payments and with the recent turn of global events, this is now more the case than ever. You don’t have to look far to see the big impact that digital payments have made in the world of e-commerce.

With a big surge in the number of businesses that have taken the decision to accept cryptocurrency payments, those who have done so have quickly reaped the benefits of an additional revenue-stream.

There is no better time to get into cryptos and in response to demand, B2BinPay, has scheduled a date for its first webinar, providing you with the opportunity to learn how you toocan offer this service to your customers quickly and easily.

Webinar Invitation

The first webinar will take place on 28th April, 2020 and is designed to show you how to start accepting cryptos. You will gain quick access to important information and expert know-how in order for your business to capitalise on the ever-growing trend.

If you want to integrate the services of a reputable cryptocurrency payment processor and offer your customers an exciting new payment method, have questions that you would like to discuss live with the payments experts, or gain practical knowledge and valuable advice to help you get started, this webinar is for you!

Webinar Title: Why Accept Crypto Payments?

Webinar Host: Dmitry Shmeman

Date/Time:  1:00 PM (UTC)

This session will cover several useful topics:

✔ What is crypto?

✔ Crypto vs FIAT

✔ Why B2BinPay

✔ Solutions Merchants & Enterprise

✔ Demo & clients success story

✔ QAs

Bonus for webinar attendees: 50% discount for merchant crypto-crypto and 25% for other types of accounts

Join B2BinPay webinar!

The webinar will be offered to businesses free of charge and will run for approximately one hour.

To register, please click here or watch it on our YouTube channel

We look forward to e-meeting you!

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