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B2BinPay is Good to Go at Money Expo India 2024! 

17 - 18 August
Mumbai, India
B2BinPay Suits Up for Money Expo India 2024!

We’re excited to announce that B2BinPay will be present at Money Expo India 2024, showcasing our latest achievements in payment processing for the digital trading and fintech fields. The Money Expo India is getting ready for its third annual edition to host the largest fintech event in the region. The event will take place at the Jio Convention Centre, Mumbai, from August 17 to 18. 

The Significance of Money Expo India 2024

The third Money Expo India edition is an important milestone for the fintech and online trading industries. More than 10,000 individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs will come together for a two-day dynamic and educational panel. More than 100 speakers are invited by Money Expo India to foster significant conversations about the domains of digital trading and finance. This gives participants and attendees the chance to discover new trends, understand the latest developments and explore networking possibilities. 

B2BinPay’s Two-Day Panel 

Since its founding, B2BinPay has played a significant role in the online trading and fintech sectors, letting brokerages, exchanges, and similar entities take care of their payment processing difficulties. We will discuss our most recent developments in online trading and digital finance during our two-day panel, helping business owners understand the significance of payment processing in their company workflows. 

Moreover, our presenters will assess the current situation in the fintech sector, going over the most important issues facing the industry and possible strategies that companies may use to get beyond these obstacles. 

Catch up With the Latest Fintech 

Money Expo India 2024 brings together market titans and industry experts to highlight the most significant developments in the fintech and digital trading domains. B2BinPay is gearing up to provide our share of information and solutions to this definitive event, making a significant contribution to an already impressive roster of presenters, panels and interactive workshops. 

So, register today and meet us at booth #30. We’ll match your enthusiasm for fintech and digital trading! 

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